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Optimize Your Admission Office

Are you finding yourself being reactive instead of proactive when it comes to enrollment? You know that you could be more efficient and better prepared for the coming year, but what do you change and where do you find the best answers?


Optimize Your Admission Office is the most effective way to learn and apply best practices for efficiently managing enrollment and delivering on the desired growth goals. This program is a combination of training and consulting to equip your admission office personnel. 

Your historical and current enrollment data is extremely valuable and will be analyzed to determine where you have been and the path you are currently traveling. We will utilize admissions funnel data to examine the full scope of your enrollment/reenrollment processes to uncover strengths and areas for improvement. We will then provide observations and recommendations to help you generate “raving fans” who will energize the school’s community to achieve that most desirable word-of-mouth marketing.  

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Admission office personnel, chief administrator, and other administrators involved in enrollment

Learning Objectives:

- Accurately assess enrollment trends and data quality
- Understand best practices for enrollment management
- Produce more useful forecasts and reports for administration and board
- Consider strategies to build engagement with current and prospective families


This program begins by collecting the required enrollment data and processes. Our team will then analyze the data to provide observations and recommendations, and we'll show you how to use our powerful templates to produce more accurate forecast and performance reports for the administration and school board. Finally, we'll train your team to utilize potential strategies that will increase engagement with faculty, current families, and new families in your target market.

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