School Growth is recognized as a global professional development company that accelerates school improvement.

We orchestrate a leadership-centered approach to expand the leadership skills of administrators, board members, and faculty to truly achieve excellence. By combining many decades of school and organizational leadership with some of the best research on innovation, we'll show you how to:

  • Explore new ways to design your school as a powerful learning organization 

  • Discover new data and insights in order to grow enrollment, fundraising, quality, and sustainability

  • Navigate through the challenges of organizational leadership to build more a productive culture, relationships, and results.

Below are the professional development programs that we offer to K-12 school leaders regarding Enrollment, Communication, Strategy, School Board, Faculty, Finance, Fundraising, and Safety & Security.

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Enrollment is the life blood of any school. It's an institution‐wide responsibility, with the best results achieved when there is a disciplined approach that engages faculty and families for maximum re-enrollment and new enrollment. Growth begins with enthusiastic leadership and families who share your beliefs and vision, and continues with a clearly defined target market, value proposition, and brand. 

Through extensive research on the best practices of admission offices across the globe, we've designed this curriculum to achieve your enrollment goals:

Building Faculty Engagement

Optimize Your Admission Office

New Call-to-action

Target Family Research

Optimize Financial Aid



Why are more and more K-12 schools and colleges/universities investing more time and money into improving their faculty quality and culture? Because to grow enrollment and educational effectiveness, administrators must first create a work environment in which great teachers can thrive. That requires engaging the hearts and minds of your people.

Excellent schools begin and end with excellent employees. The administrators #1 job must be building a high performing team of top quality teachers and staff. 

In light of the impact that each and every school employee has on the lives of students and the success of the organization, there is no administrator job function that is more important than personnel hiring, coaching, assessment, and un-hiring. Schools face increasing competition to attract and retain the best people, and winning this “war for talent” requires a new appproach.  

To help you advance quality of your faculty, we've designed the following learning experiences:

Building Faculty Engagement

Laws of the Grapevine

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