A Little Background On Us

Whether your goal is to increase enrollment, fundraising, academic quality, board performance, campus safety, or all of the above, you’ve come to the right place. We grow schools and the people who have the courage to lead them. We do this through organizational audits, professional development, and consulting (design) services.

School Growth is an Atlanta-based education strategy company that was founded by Scott Barron in 2008. Recognizing the escalating dynamics and complexities within the entire K-12 market space, he focused on the engagement of high-quality talent throughout the organization and the leadership capacity to accelerate improvement as the best way to grow schools and student achievement.

Today School Growth delivers three important service areas that address the full spectrum of K-12 schools. The global influence of this company continues to expand through outstanding results and strategic partnerships that enable more effective innovation and sustainability. This trend will continue as more school leaders discover the powerful benefits of growing as a learning organization with increasing engagement.

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Organizational Audit

We conduct assessments of the entire educational organization or specific key areas to ensure compliance with regulation and accreditation requirements and to benchmark against best practices to ensure optimal results.

Professional Development

We Grow Leadership Capacity through inspiring learning experiences created through unique curriculum and delivered by master teachers who have extensive experience in the field. (Available through online and onsite training)

Growth Consulting

We Optimize Growth through implementation of best practices in School Design, Communication, Crisis Management, Marketing & Branding, Strategic Planning, Recruiting, Leadership Mentoring