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Facilitated Board Retreat Logo.pngDoes your School Board and Administration need some time away to recharge, rebuild, and reunite? 

With a tailored retreat program combined with expert facilitation, you can set the stage for a whole new phase of growth at your school. 

A board retreat should provide a safe place to renew relationships, consider barriers to success, prepare for anticipated obstacles, and equip your governance for the road ahead. In a world where schools are constantly looking for some type of competitive advantage, one secret lies in your ability to create collaborative, trusting relationships between your board and administration. Cultivating genuine interest, sharing experiences and knowledge, and fostering passionate commitment is one of the best investments you can make. The ROI is huge!

With a School Growth board/leadership retreat, we'll deliver a uniquely powerful combination of relationship building, leadership training, and organizational development. We’ve created different experience modules that are collaboratively tailored to the specific needs of your school in order to maximize engagement for everyone.  Our team does all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.

Gold Check Mark.pngAchieve your goals with less stress by utilizing a School Growth facilitator for outside, independent expertise.

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Navigate the tough issues and people in order to stay focused on the most important goals for the retreat.

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Benefit from the experience of our team as former administrators and as board members, combined with many years of working with hundreds of school boards.

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Create a balanced retreat plan that incorporates relationship building, professional development, goal setting, and strategic planning.

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