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Craft Your Enrollment Growth Plan

This unique plan has 7 key elements that define the strategies, schedule, and commitments for achieving your enrollment revenue goals. It is the foundation on which all other plans depend. 

Achieve Your Enrollment Goals

Build Confidence
& Trust

Grow Stakeholder

Everyone is counting on you to grow enrollment.
This is how you do it!

An Enrollment Growth Plan is tailored to your specific organization and context. We'll help you develop data-informed answers to critical questions, along with details that clarify Goals/KPIs, stakeholder engagement, enrollment calendar, information systems, and other components to achieve the best results.

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Move beyond the uncertainty

Enrollment Leadership is Art & Science!

But success favors the science side of the equation because disciplined, data-driven enrollment management is able to maximize the funnel and adapt to problems or opportunities. Enrollment leadership is hard enough without a Growth Plan.

Lack of

Without a plan questions arise about the legitimacy of the enrollment process and the quality of the people involved

Ineffective Messaging

Without a plan stakeholders are left wondering about the state of enrollment and how they can support the goals

Confusion &

Without a plan uncertainty about the goals and priorities weakens engagement and opens the door for dysfunctional behaviors

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Options to Start Your Enrollment Growth Plan

2-Day Private Consultation   
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3-Hour Strategic Year Round Enrollment Management 
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Let's be strategic with planning our enrollment for the year. During this 3-hour workshop, we will address how to make your office processes produce better results using strategies to effectively manage the 4 quarters of the year. Develop clarity and focus for planning and know exactly when to concentrate on specific tasks and when to cultivate the right relationships. We'll guide you through the framework for your calendar to maximize productivity all year round!


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2-Hour Advanced Parent Ambassador & Onboarding Workshop   
This 2-hour hands-on workshop will give you detailed guidance on maximizing engagement with all of your stakeholders, especially current and new families. Enrollment is a "team sport" that needs everyone involved.

Parent Ambassador & Onboarding


3-Hour Enrollment Growth Plan Workshop
During this 3-hour workshop, we will review each of the seven chapters of an Enrollment Growth Plan and how to most effectively respond, learn from, and leverage the current environment.

Build trust and confidence with your board and leadership with a data-driven plan that provides a clear path to success.

Enrollment Growth Plan Options

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