Strategic Year Round Enrollment Management 

Enrollment is the life blood of the school. What changes can you make in your office processes  to produce better results? How can you effectively manage the 4 quarters of the year to achieve your enrollment goals?

This workshop is a step by step guide through the admissions cycle designed to help you know when to do what with people, processes, resources and data. In this training program, we use our research with hundreds of schools to give you enrollment tips, tools and specific guidance for each of the four stages of the enrollment calendar to improve your results and increase your funnel yield.

Learning Objectives:

  • Establish common language and understanding regarding enrollment strategies
  • Understand best practices for student recruiting and admission office management
  • Clarify the enrollment calendar and key activities 
  • Determine an action plan for improvement 

Scott Barron - Founder & CEO of School Growth 

BarronS_Web_11-1.jpgScott has over twenty years of experience in education administration, was the founding executive of a company that provided technology education, and conducted advanced technology research at Princeton University. Scott earned a Masters of Education in Supervision and Administration from Johns Hopkins University, and is the creator of the School Growth Design Framework that has been used to create new schools in the US, India, and other countries. He is the author of, The Yabwi Tree, The Laws of the Grapevine, and, The Consultative Business Officer.

Tammy Mozingo - Senior Partner

Tammy_Mozingo.jpgTammy has a multifaceted background that reflects her broad range of expertise. She has a distinct passion for learning, teaching, and improving. After serving as a teacher at multiple levels for ten years, Tammy took on the challenge of building the brand and enrollment for a large independent school. She developed the processes for growth, built a high performing team, coordinated marketing plans, refined the brand, and achieved the multimillion dollar revenue goals every year. Tammy is uniquely talented at defining and executing optimal workflows, analyzing enrollment processes and data, and improving decision making based on the data.

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Start the New Year Right!

This School Growth video series provides an action-oriented guide for making the school year remarkably effective to increase engagement and strengthen your enrollment efforts throughout the school.


"Thank you so much for this video series. It really has been quite helpful, and I've been pleased to share the information with our team. There are numerous takeaways regarding the structure of ambassador groups that I found very helpful."
Anne R., School Board Member

 In order to provide the ultimate experience, all five sessions are available to watch at your leisure and you'll receive a wookbook along with helpful tools. After completing registration, participants will receive details of how to access the training videos and workbooks. 

"I've watched two of the videos--really valuable training! I've learned that effective marketing is important, but your faculty is more important--the key to attracting and retaining families. Word gets out about excellence--and also about mediocrity." Lisa E., Admissions Director

"I've watched two of the videos so far--really valuable training. I've learned that effective marketing is important, but your faculty is more important and the main key to attracting and retaining families. Word gets out about excellence--and also about mediocrity."
--Lisa E., Admission Director