Progressively Growing Schools


School Growth was founded by Scott E. Barron in response to the huge challenges facing educators as they seek to grow in the midst of fierce competition and change.

We love our mission: GROW Schools and the People who have the Courage to lead them--Because the leadership capacity of administrators, teachers, staff, and board members directly impacts the future of children and communities.

From our research and experience we believe Talented, Energized, Engaged Educators Change the World!

We’ve enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with educators from nearly every sector of schools. The wisdom and experience gained through this diversity of innovation enables us to cross-pollinate ideas and create customized, context-specific solutions for each client. 

START Your Growth Plan

Key milestones in our story:

  • Founded in 2008 to bring entrepreneurial approaches to school learning and leadership as the most effective response to rapidly changing education market forces
  • We researched and developed the School Design Framework™ for explaining the complexities of school leadership and creating a more effective language for school design
  • Tammy Barron joined the team in 2014, bringing expertise in enrollment management and data analysis
  • Expanded our services to include Organizational Audits and Growth Planning Services
  • Launched the School Growth Foundation in 2017 to simplify the path for replicating and scaling highly effective schools in the U.S.
  • By 2018, we delivered services and resources to over 2,200 organizations across 16 Countries 

Our Philosophy


We fulfill dreams. We believe the school of your dreams can be realized. You have a passion to change lives, to inspire great dreams, to give hope and possibility. So do we! Our dreams compel us to create innovative solutions that provide motivating vision and practical pathways for school growth. We are education designers who can take the complex array of components for a contemporary school plan to produce a better future for you and those you serve. Our leadership is excited about inspiring you to dream big, learn continuously, do hard things, and exceed what others think is possible.


We design schools to fulfill dreams. We believe the school of your dreams can be designed. Understanding how to create the ultimate human learning experience is the secret to school design, which must consider the people involved in governance, operations, administration, and learning. As education shifts from an emphasis on control to one of choice, the education market will become more fragmented with less loyalty to one school. This makes it even more important than ever for schools, school districts, and higher ed institutions to improve the learning experience for greater engagement and enthusiastic connection. We use a “lean” design strategy to deliver, gauge, innovate, and re-design. Technique can temporarily supplement poor design, but will eventually stress the system if corrections are left unresolved.


We implement school designs to fulfill dreams. We believe that a disciplined implementation process can be used to integrate the people, processes, and systems to fulfill a school’s design. We help each client utilize such a structured approach for continuous learning and improvement. Unlike typical education consultants, we train clients in our process for design and innovation through collaborative planning, momentum-building projects, active learning workshops, and online resources. That enables our clients to grow as learning organizations--a distinct competitive advantage!