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Have you noticed that some faculty and staff members seem to work energetically for your school’s mission, while others seem to come primarily for the paycheck? The difference between these groups can make a huge impact on the trajectory of your students and the financial sustainability of your school.

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Healthy School Infographic

Enrollment strategy is complex. Board leaders and administrators sometimes try to fix enrollment challenges without understanding the deeper issues. Enrollment instability is a symptom of other health issues within the organization.To help you diagnose the problems that are negatively impacting your school(s), we've created an infographic that provides insights into the root causes of enrollment decline, processes that directly contribute to growing the student population, and professional development options that will equip your team with advanced tools and data. With this tool, we detail many of the challenges and processes that effect enrollment to help you target and strengthen your weaknesses. 

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Courageous Leadership

In our Spring 2016 magazine, we feature courage as a vital attribute of the most successful leaders. They know how to gain broad support for their vision, even when it may sound a little crazy. They have grit and an attitude of perseverance that helps them overcome the obstacles. "No" just isn't an option. They know how to deal with difficult people and situations in order to...

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The Consultative Business Officer

Some of the best innovations in education are happening outside the classroom, and the business office can make a huge contribution to school improvement. Developing a consultative approach with your internal customers across the schools' administration requires adjusting your mindset. To learn more download our free infographic that describes the characteristics and practices of the Consultative Business Officer.



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College Counseling: Leadership and Student Engagement

In this rapidly changing education landscape, the key criteria that college admission offices use to evaluate applications from prospective freshmen—grades, strength of curriculum, and admission test scores—have remained fairly consistent over the past two decades. Parent and student expectations are changing, however, prompting many schools to re-examine their programs to create competitive advantage by upgrading their college counseling services and tools.

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On-boarding Check List

This checklist is designed to assist with the school’s on-boarding and orientation of new employees. On-boarding is a process that begins before an employee’s start date and continues for at least 90 days. This checklist is organized chronologically so that once an employee starts, he/she can work together with the hiring administrator to complete the checklist. Additional activities that are relevant to the new employee’s area may also be included.

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Board Retreat Planning Guide

A Board Retreat provides a unique forum for the school board to build focus, momentum, and unity. Wise planning coupled with a sufficient commitment of resources, time, and energy is the best recipe for a successful retreat. During this time away from the normal routine, you have the opportunity to address some of the larger issues facing the board and the whole organization. This is your best chance to inject fresh enthusiasm and direction into the board in order to build momentum towards a higher level of performance.

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Blended Learning Strategy Guide

The blended classroom is revolutionary. It’s a huge opportunity for those schools who do it well. Alternatively it can be a boondoggle - it can pose a distraction for teachers and become a black hole for money if it’s not done well. Blended learning is not a panacea; it is not some magic formula for improving a school and raising academic performance.

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