Ready to Grow?

Does your School Board and Administration need some time away to recharge, rebuild, and reunite?

With the right program and leadership you can set the stage for a new phase of growth.

A well-designed retreat provides a safe place to renew relationships, consider barriers to success, prepare for anticipated obstacles, and equip your people for the road ahead. In a world where schools are constantly looking for some type of competitive advantage, the secret lies in your ability to create collaborative, trusting relationships between your board and administration. Cultivating genuine interest, sharing experiences and knowledge, and fostering passionate commitment is one of the best investments you can make. The ROI is huge!

School Growth Executive Retreats provide a unique combination of relationship building, leadership training, and organizational planning. We’ve developed different experience modules that are tailored to the specific needs of your school. We design them in collaboration with you in order to maximize engagement for everyone.  Our team does all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.


Modules that can be included in the board retreat include:

  • School Growth Stages of Board Development™
  • SMART Goals for Success
  • Peer Review & Feedback
  • School Growth Organizational Health Indicators
  • The Laws of the Grapevine: Communication habits that build trust and relationships
  • Board Leadership to Achieve School Growth™
  • The Worst Case Scenario: Anticipating the Unexpected
  • Leadership Succession Planning


Partnering with School Growth to lead your retreat includes the following features: 

  1. Two planning sessions to determine your key objectives and to tailor the agenda appropriately. 
  2. A customized electronic registration page that builds anticipation and provides the details. 
  3. If desired, we will interview a select number of attendees in advance of the retreat to build rapport and gain greater understanding about your people and culture. 
  4. Recommendations for program locations and any needed service providers. 
  5. Design of an agenda and experience that maximizes the interest and energy of your attendees. 
  6. Tailored workshops to achieve your objectives. 
  7. Expert program facilitation that is both entertaining and engaging.
  8. Recommended pre-retreat reading materials 
  9. Selection and preparation of gifts for the retreat. 
  10. Follow-up coaching session to help keep the momentum going, preferably within 30 days of the retreat. 
  11. Photographs and videos may also be taken throughout the retreat and shared with participants to capture and reinforce those important memories. 

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