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Advanced Campus Safety & Security Training

Campus safety remains one of the top criteria for parents when choosing a school, according to extensive research by public and private school organizations.  A safe environment contributes to the emotional and intellectual development of students, and provides a culture in which faculty can thrive.

Schools are also seeking to improve their safety plans and preparations to reduce insurance expenses and protect their boards and administrators from negligence lawsuits.

The experts from School Growth and Draco Group have collaborated together to develop The Safety Lab, a one-day professional development program in which school leaders will learn practical ways to significantly reduce the vulnerability of stakeholders and raise the level of campus safety.

Participants will: 

  • Evaluate the security design of their campuses
  • Assess emergency protocols and procedures
  • Compile relevant data to improve safety and liability protection
  • Learn methods to improve required fire & safety drills
  • Understand how to anticipate potential threats and respond to crisis situations
  • Explore training options for faculty and staff
  • Learn about different funding and grant opportunities available to your school
  • Learn how to engage with local police, fire, and rescue personnel

Upon completion of this Safety Lab, participants will have a 90-Day
Plan to produce tangible progress for campus safety. This is applicable training that will strengthen your commitment to your employees, parents, and especially your students to provide the best environment for them to learn and grow.

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About the Instructors

Ariel Siegelman & Gonen Cohen After serving in a wide variety of roles in military special forces and terrorism response units, Ariel and Gonen incorporated the best practices of crisis preparation, awareness, and response into an instructional program for school leaders. Their company, The Draco Group, has provided security design and implementation to schools and businesses for many years and they even train police and SWAT teams on school emergency response strategies.

Grace Lee Effectively managing crisis situations requires development of emotional intelligence among the administration, faculty, and staff. Grace provides instruction and training on cultivating leadership that can respond to crisis situations in a mature and professional manner. Under her guidance, participants will craft an actionable strategy to immediately implement on their campus.

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