Enrollment is a measure of the health of your school.


A commitment to providing excellence in education is a primary key in your enrollment strategy. This must be communicated by your School leadership effectively and often.

While many other factors that impact growth are out of your control, a well-planned strategy can help you meet that elusive enrollment goal. Together, we’ll increase your enrollment by concentrating on the following areas:

- Engage your faculty & staff

Faculty and staff are an essential part of the enrollment strategy. Prospective parents remember warm welcomes and friendly greetings from staff when they visit your school. Create and share ways for your faculty and staff to actively promote your School to their neighbors, friends, and family.

- Develop and communicate your School brand and story

We’ll make sure your brand is prominently and consistently reflected in your marketing efforts and inside your facility. This goes beyond your logo and tagline and includes the various offerings, family atmosphere, etc., unique to your school.

- Analyze current and historical enrollment data and procedures

Reviewing your admissions data and processes enables us to identify any issues, set realistic growth goals, and establish new policies to reach them.

- Increase your marketing efforts - digital and traditional

First, we’ll review and tweak your marketing budget to expand your reach maximize your efforts then create a marketing calendar for execution.

Invest time and effort in updating and optimizing your website. Add stories and testimonials to your site and social posts and encourage your staff and families to share them. Leverage email campaigns to stay in touch with prospects throughout the admissions process. Make sure your print materials are current and in supply before the enrollment season begins and keep them stocked.

- Create a parent ambassador program

Your current parents are your best ambassadors. Enlisting their help expands your marketing reach without impacting your budget. Referral incentives may also be an option.

- Host multiple events  

Plan multiple admissions events for various dates and times to accommodate prospective parents and their busy schedules. Offer shadow days for prospective students to experience the school day and invite potential new families to your sports and family events and socials.

- Explore scholarship opportunities

Take advantage of potential tax reallocation programs and other scholarship opportunities available within your state.  

- Retention–Retention–Retention

Make this a year-long priority for everyone on staff. Communicate with your current families consistently and solicit feedback through surveys, etc. Remember, it’s much easier and less expensive to retain current families than it is to recruit new ones.

Let’s increase your enrollment!