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We GROW Schools and the People who have the Courage to Lead them 

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We Get It

It's hard to grow with expanding competition and changing expectations

“The School Growth team provided the guidance we needed for more effective strategic planning and to overcome the obstacles that were impeding our goals. We are very grateful for their wisdom.”

Jamie Wall
Board Chair & Managing Director at WJ Partners
  • You need to grow revenue, quality, and sustainability while balancing expectations of your board, faculty, parents, students, donors, and others.

  • That requires more than a business plan that ignores the complex ecosystem of schools and the challenges of competitive differentiation.

  • Education Leaders globally trust us because we've walked in their shoes, and we have proven tools and expertise to enable their success.

We Get You

You are unique, with a powerful mission and vision to impact lives through education

“I recommend without reservation partnering with the School Growth team. They collected, curated, and communicated stories from our data, helping us achieve rapid results.”

Derrick Willard
Head of School, Augusta Preparatory Day School
  • You know the path from Good to Great has no shortcuts, and you're committed to taking that journey though it feels unclear and uncomfortable.

  • We believe in you and that with a culture of trust and collaboration, you can move beyond managing the tyranny of the urgent to achieve remarkable results.

  • Together, we can design and navigate a safe path to transformation that addresses the core issues rather than repeatedly fixing the symptoms.

We Got You

Our data-driven, culture-building approach delivers competitive advantages

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"Through their professional development and strategic planning, School Growth has helped us improve organizational health and continuous improvement across our conferences and schools. We are very grateful for their guidance and friendship."

Debra Fryson
Southern Union Director of Education
  • Let's work together to create a custom growth plan that differentiates your school, fulfills your remarkable mission, and enables your success.

  • It starts with a phone call to understand your challenges and goals, and then we can map out the next steps in your School Growth Plan. 

  • Let's Talk--we'll walk that journey with you, renewing your authentic story to energize and engage your stakeholders and target market.


Let's Talk

Together we can find a path forward that aligns with your budget and goals!
Especially if you're experiencing leadership change, a merger/acquisition, or another type of transition.

  • Step 1

    A conversation is the best place to start, so that we can learn more about your goals and the current challenges

  • Step 2

    We'll guide you through a brief assessment to discover opportunities to grow and achieve your goals

  • Step 3

    We'll provide free observations and recommendations for the next steps in your Growth Plan 

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