The School Growth Story

Want to Change the World?

Then do everything you can to enable great schools.

Education is the pathway to inspire individual fulfillment and societal transformation. It's how communities and nations effectively engage in an innovation economy.

The quality of schools directly determines the trajectory of people's lives and the future of nations.

We are audaciously committed to growing schools and the people who have the courage to lead them.

We cross-pollinate wisdom and best practices across all genres of education--Public, private, and charter PK-12 schools, international schools, higher ed institutions, and other types of schools--to create the best environments for talented educators to thrive and utilize their life-changing gifts.

Over the last 13 years, we have enjoyed the privilege of delivering resources and services to thousands of schools across many countries. Educators join the School Growth Network to achieve their goals because we simplify the journey to Sustainable Excellence.

What makes us different?

We love equipping and enabling courageous education leaders to achieve their goals for enrollment, quality, impact, funding, etc.

Our Core Values:
- Be Lovable
- Learn: Consistently & Constantly
- People First
- Sustain Trust
- Deliver 5% More
- Simplify the Path

Our main office is north of Altanta, Georgia, from which we deliver training, resources, and services to schools across North America and around the world. We integrate the best practices of education and entrepreneurship to enable the path to Sustainable Excellence.

We believe the joy of life and leadership is rooted in relationships, and that disciplined leadership is critical to overcome the dysfunctional systems and behaviors that limit schools. We prioritize faculty quality and engagement for the best results.

Meet the Team

Tammy Barron is the President of School Growth. She is a life-long educator with distinctive expertise in data-driven strategy and enrollment management. Tammy develops curriculum for our Network and manages strategic planning projects.

Scott Barron is our Chief Reinvention Officer, creating curriculum and providing executive guidance for school heads and board leadership. He also serves as the Executive Director of the School Growth Foundation, which advocates for advancements in education policy and philanthropy.

Grace Lee is the Chief Innovation Officer, spearheading our commitment to personalized services that transform lives with a proprietary process for rapid planning and professional development. She oversees our client relations and manages Strategic HR and Executive Coaching projects.

Kelly White is our Senior Marketing Director, delivering guidance and leadership to our member schools around communications and marketing to strengthen relationships internally and externally.

We know a thing or two about School Growth.

el-paso-123727_1920Immanuel Christian School Realizes Their Vision

Leading and growing a school in a border town like El Paso requires navigating unique challenges and opportunities. Immanuel Christian School is changing lives and modeling excellence.

The ICS board and leadership, in collaboration with their church, is committed to the unity and disciplines required to achieve their mission within such a dynamic community.

Immanuel used our data-driven, relationship-oriented process to define strategic priorities for their Strategic Growth Plan, and they're using short-term tactical initiatives to advance as a Learning Organization that continuously improves.



"Thank you, School Growth, for your leadership through this growth planning journey. The planning retreat and whole process have been an eye-opener, challenging us to move forward and become the school that God desires!" 

- John Davis, Head of School


St. Pius Distinguishes Brand with School Growth Plan

St. Pius Elementary School is an innovator in Catholic education. Their leadership team employs a data-driven approach to learning design combined with best practices of education and entrepreneurship.

They realized the need to differentiate from the competition with a compelling value proposition and brand narrative, so they began the journey of creating a Strategic Growth Plan.

They know that achieving their goals requires having everyone on board together, especially the teachers and staff. Building a team that is fully aligned with the mission and core values is part of their critical path.

Creating a culture in which talented educators can thrive is a top priority, as is sustaining engagement with families. 


"We could not have achieved our goals without the expertise and guidance of School Growth. The journey to greatness requires a disciplined team and we're very grateful that you took the time to know us and walk with us each step of the way." 

- Donna Lemaire, Principal

Augusta Prep Campus

Augusta Preparatory Day School Builds Trust and Experiences Immediate Growth

After a few challenging years, the board of Augusta Preparatory Day School was ready to change their story and go in a new direction.
Derrick Williard, the new Head of School, brought a refreshing approach to their campus that healed relationships and raised expectations. His leadership style set a critical tone to plan forward. The School leadership began to focus on the disciplines of effective school leadership, asking better questions and facing the brutal facts with authenticity and integrity.

Using School Growth's data-driven approach to strategic planning, the APDS team was genuine in their commitment to listening and learning. They overcame the disfunction of the past by advancing cohesive trust and creating greater clarity about expectations and plans.


APDS Planning Team 2"The School Growth team has been an incredible partner. They led a great leadership retreat and then a Board planning retreat to prepare us for their unique process. We completed a three-year strategic plan, along with quarterly tactical initiatives to build momentum. We started to grow as an organization before we even finished the pan!"

- Derrick Willard, Head of School

APDS Planning Team 1

Cascade Coach with ball

Cascade Christian Academy Makes Good on Their Promises

The leadership at Cascade Christian Academy was ready to grow. Although the challenges of managing the COVID pandemic were just underway, they were determined to figure out how to overcome the obstacles and become a high-performing learning organization.
The journey started with a School Growth Leadership Retreat conducted online because of travel restrictions. While we were on opposite sides of the country, Cascade persevered to gain an accurate picture of:

1. Where are we? And how did we get here?

2. What is our Strategic Context?

3. How can we start making real progress and grow enrollment?

They created a Quarterly Progress Plan to address some short-term opportunities for growth, with particular emphasis on increasing Organizational Health.

At the same time, the head of school began working on her own professional growth plan with Executive Coaching, and they defined their behavioral core values and performance rubric to clarify expectations. Using this data, Cascade also implemented new processes to improve faculty recruiting and development. 

Faculty and families could quickly see that something was different. This wasn't just another "all talk, no action" effort to fix the school. The leadership was delivering on their promises with clarity and communications. CCA is firmly on the journey to Sustained Excellence, building a team of disciplined people who are fully aligned with the School's mission and values. They will exceed their enrollment budget for the upcoming school year and have significantly improved faculty and engagement. Cascade Principal and Teacher


"The Growth Planning journey was hard at first, but it's gotten easier as I gained more knowledge and confidence. It really has been amazing to work with the School Growth team as we improved enrollment, school culture, and most importantly, trust, together." 

- Stephanie Gates, Head of School