The path from good to great

The least expensive and most effective way to grow your school is to cultivate a team of talented, energized, engaged educators who are passionate about your mission. From your School Board to your front office staff, we’ll work with you to identify areas in need of improvement and tailor your faculty training and leadership development to address them specifically.

As a result, your team will develop as a cohesive unit with:

- Agreement and alignment on mission and behaviors

- Unified culture with practical intelligence

- A Joyful, energized commitment to learn, innovate, and grow

Professional development video courses that address the needs of specific areas and departments are available to School Growth Network members for convenient, onsite training:

- Professional Development Programs

- Year-Round Enrollment Management

- Building Faculty Engagement

- Servant Leadership for Educators (Customer Service)

- Communication Strategies to Maximize Engagement and Minimize the Risks of Social Media

- Effectively Managing Difficult People & Conversations

- The 12 Characteristics of Highly Effective Educators

- The Four Stages of Board Development

Let’s start strengthening
your team today!