Authenticity Begins with the Living Curriculum

Faculty quality and engagement is the most important factor
to optimize student growth, enrollment growth,
and overall school performance.

Teamwork and collaboration amongst students with a laughing group of diverse young men and women standing close together forming a stack with their hands-1Vague and/or confusing expectations undermine your goals and expose you to unnecessary liability risk, making it more difficult to achieve your mission and vision. Great schools begin with a disciplined team that is missionally and behaviorally aligned.

Beyond just Compliance HR, through a School Growth Talent Plan we'll help you initiate Strategic HR processes to more effectively build a team of talented, energized, engaged educators. This includes creating the best environment for faculty to thrive and ensure progressively improving personnel.

Together we will design a Performance Rubric to clarify and communicate expectations through Core Values that enable behavioral alignment and implement a process for more effective assessment of faculty quality with coaching for accelerated improvement.


It's easy to say that people are your greatest asset,
but how good is your team? 


We provide these services to help schools recruit, develop, and retain top-quality personnel who are dedicated to your mission and leadership.

- Assessment of current faculty and culture
- Development of common language and understanding regarding expectations
- Understanding of best practices for talent recruiting and development
- Creation of a Performance Rubric for hiring and evaluation
- Assessment of the current Talent Quotient (TQ) and plans for growth


A Talent Plan can be rapidly developed through a two-day leadership retreat, or we can work through each stage of the process using bi-weekly Executive Coaching sessions. 

If creating a Talent Plan is a top priority for you, click on the Let's Talk button so we can schedule a free consultation. 

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