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Target Market Family Research

What steps can your school take to grow enrollment? How can you improve your value proposition to engage more families?

Ed-innovation-mind-300x197.jpgEnrollment is the life blood of any school.
It’s imperative. It’s indicative. It’s informative. 
In order to determine the best strategies to grow enrollment, you want a deeper understanding about the motivations and decision making of students and parents over the last few years who enrolled at your school, those who chose not to re-enroll, and families who are newly enrolled. The questions collect data regarding demographics, curricular and co-curricular programming, faculty, safety, communication, relationships, etc.

The objectives of this research include:
• Determine the root causes for families to not re-enroll
• Understand the motivating factors for families who are enrolled
• Clarify unique characteristics and strengths of the school that can be leveraged to create competitive advantage
• Identify opportunities for improvement in the enrollment, engagement, and communication processes

We utilize a research-proven strategy to collect data about your school and the families you seek to serve, then train you to use this information to evaluate your best options for growth.  Combining personal interviews and group sessions, the resulting report will help you better understand their goals, outcomes and experiences. We'll demonstrate patterns in the data that will help you make important decisions in preparation for the upcoming enrollment cycle.

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