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We offer a carefully crafted menu of professional development Workshops that are designed to improve and expand your school’s leadership capacity. Research and best practices from a wide range of experts and resources is incorporated to help you achieve your goals for personal and professional growth. These Workshops are usually taught in 4-hour classes that can be delivered online, or in one of our publicly scheduled sessions, or in a private class exclusively for your school(s), association, diocese, district, etc. 


Upcoming Public Workshops:

Innovation Workshop

An Accelerator for School Leaders 

What if your leadership team had a clear plan and extraordinary focus this year? What if you could increase enrollment and fundraising through a more entrepreneurial mindset?

Growing a school in today's hyper-competitive economy requires a whole new approach to professional development and planning. Some school leaders are gaining an advantage over their competition by speeding up the school improvement process and increasing their capabilities as a learning organization.

We developed the Innovation Workshop to capture the best practices of highly successful entrepreneurs because we think educators can also apply these tools and resources. By combining several different books and research projects into this curriculum, we'll help your team learn how to create breakthrough innovation plans that produce the results you need to grow.

Upcoming Dates:

Atlanta, GA - June 13 - 14, 2017




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All of the School Growth Workshops and Training are available on-site and online.

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