CBO Exposed

"The Consultative Business Officer is exposed in this revealing conversation with some of the most successful leaders in school business offices across the U.S. We'll also share with you their secrets for building relationships across the campus, particularly with the chief administrator and the board, the admissions office, the advancement/development office, and the academic leadership. Through these insightful conversations you'll learn how they:

  • Achieve greater trust with administrators throughout the campus
  • Focus on being mission enablers versus just budget gatekeepers
  • Facilitate higher levels of innovation and instructional quality

Whether you are new to the world of education or have many years of experience, you will find some new ideas and methods in this unique dialogue with highly effective school business officers, including their successes and failures.This session focuses on the productive connections established with the chief administrator (i.e., superintendent, head of school, president, etc.) along with the governing board members."

Video 1 - The Chief and Board


Video 2 - The Admissions Office


Video 3 - The Development Office


Video 4 - The Academic Team