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Start Your Enrollment Growth Plan Workshop

Where: Online

When: Thursday, March 26, 2020 (9 AM CT - 12 PM CT)

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Instructors: Tammy Barron & Scott Barron

Tuition: $99/school

Start Your Enrollment Growth Plan Workshop

In these uncertain times, building and sustaining relationships has become even more important and more complicated for school leaders with social distancing and everyone off campus. Effective planning and communication are vital for sustaining your culture and achieving your enrollment goals for 2020-21.

What can you do now to recapture the momentum that you had a few weeks ago?
How can you build confidence and trust with board members, administrators, faculty, and parents who are wondering what your plan is now?

These questions are answered in this special online workshop for independent schools in Tennessee. 



Don't miss out on this special opportunity to interactively work with Tammy and Scott to Start Your Enrollment Growth Plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Enrollment Growth Plan Methodology
  • Elements of the Strategic Context
  • Strategies for Stakeholder Engagement
  • Options for Enrollment Marketing to overcome the obstacles in the current environment

"When I listen to Scott and Tammy, I get validation that I am on the right track with best admissions practices. I always come away with a new idea and ways to improve what we're currently doing."
--Heather Hoffman, Director of Admissions and Enrollment at York Catholic High School

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It's the heart of the enrollment season. The board and administration are counting on you to have a plan to achieve the budgeted goals.

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This is a three hour LIVE ONLINE Workshop that begins at 9:00 Central Time. During this interactive session you will have the option to be on video and participate in the dialogue.