Enrollment Growth Plan Strategies

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Over the last few months we have shared some important growth training in collaboration with FACTS. You can overcome the massive challenges and distractions to achieve your enrollment goals with unified leadership that has a clear, data-driven plan.

Crafting your Enrollment Growth Plan is a journey of listening, learning, and disciplined execution. We've got you! Our team created some tools to help you find your path forward.


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New Family Survey


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Retention Strategies to Grow

Retention Strategies to Grow


THE NEXT STEP: Tammy and Scott Workshop Pic

Parent Ambassador & Onboarding Workshop

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 @ 12PM - 2PM ET

This 2-hour hands-on workshop will give you detailed guidance on maximizing engagement with all of your stakeholders, especially current and new families. Enrollment is a "team sport" that needs everyone involved.

Tuition is only $99/school so that anyone from your leadership team can participate. 

Use the button below to register for the live or recorded workshop. If you opt for the live version, you will also receive access to the recording of the session.
Parent Ambassador & Onboarding Options