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Dysfunctional schools steal the joy of learning and leadership. Different decisions can be made now in order to Start Your Growth Plan with momentum!

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This two day professional development and planning program will include: 

Cost: $5,000

  • Training on the 12 Disciplines of Effective School Leadership
  • Assessment of Organizational Health - Sustained organizational health is unquestionably one of the most powerful assets a school can develop. Competitive advantage today isn’t won by the “best school,” but rather by the one that has the culture and habits to adapt faster in order to grow enrollment and value. 
  • Talent Audit - You are at a critical juncture, where upcoming personnel decisions and organizational restructuring will have a significant short- and long-term impact on the school. Now is the ideal time for a systematic review that seeks to measure, align and develop personnel quality against current and future organizational needs, generating rich, detailed data on leadership capacity and effectiveness.
  • Refinement of Core Values - Behavioral guidelines that create common language and expectations.
  • 90-Day Action Plan

+ FREE “Servant Leadership for Educators” Workshop ($2,500) if Scheduled by December 5, 2019

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Tammy and Scott provided three ways you can reduce dysfunction and grow stronger as an organization.

You CAN create an environment in which highly talented educators can thrive, but it takes a commitment to develop the habits that build trust and engagement. Culture starts at the top--that's why it's important to schedule a Leadership Retreat to regroup, refine, and renew. 

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