Hire Well Fire Well

The Talent Quotient (TQ) of your school is a very accurate predictor of your effectiveness as a leader and of the future trajectory of your students. In this free webinar series, "Hire Well, Fire Well," you'll learn to Know Your Numbers, Align Your Talent, Select the Best People, and Make Adjustments. The most critical factor to your success (and the area in which you probably spend the least amount of time) is hiring talented employees who are talented, energized, and engaged. The “Hire Well, Fire Well” webinar series features the most effective talent strategies that the best schools use to build an outstanding team. Attendees will learn to build on employees’ unique strengths, including how to best bring out an employee’s star attributes while also blending into the overall team. We'll also share interviewing questions and techniques that will improve the accuracy of your hires, and how to improve your ability to recruit. Measuring and leading employee performance is the most important part of the job. Evaluation and, if necessary, dismissal can be accomplished in a manner that is constructive for the person and the organization. Fire poorly, however, and you will create consequences that are expensive, demoralizing and disruptive.

Video 1 - Know Your Numbers


Video 2 - Align Your Talent


Video 3 - Select the Best People


Video 4 - Make Adjustments