SG What is an Enrollment Growth PlanAre you ready to Start Your Enrollment Growth Plan?

Craft an enrollment revenue strategy that:

* Demonstrates Leadership Capacity and Acumen
* Builds Confidence and Trust with key leaders
* Improves Cohesiveness, Clarity, and Communication
* Advances Faculty & Stakeholder Engagement
* Accelerates Continuous Improvement
* Maximizes Cash Flow

Below are some free resources we've created to help you Start Your Enrollment Growth Plan

What is an Enrollment Growth Plan? -  Click Here to download the slides.

Leadership Through Fear and Chaos

2020 has unexpectedly become a year of massive disruption for educators. When is this going to end? How are we going to finish this year and continue enrollment for the fall? What can we do to regain the attention of current and prospective families?

We recorded a few webinars to provide encouragement and perspective. In these videos we discuss how to make important adjustments to communications, marketing, and enrollment plans to refocus your growth plans.

Adjustments to Sustain Culture & Enrollment - Click Here to download the slides. 

Enrollment Adjustments to Grow in the Current Environment - Click Here to download the slides. 

 Refocusing on Talent & Discipline - Coming Soon! 




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