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Summer School Reflections from...
The summer of 2015 will be remembered for many reasons: * U.S. Servicemen who thwarted a terrorist attack in Europe * Donald Trump's interesting presidential campaign * The Chicago Cubs winning to potentially make the playoffs * The Iran Nuclear Deal for "Peace" * The Charleston Church Massacre But what...


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NOW! June Webinar Series: Join us every Tuesday at 2:00 E.T. Boards Gone Wild: Damaging Roles Board Members Can Play After working with schools for over two decades, we’ve witnessed some unfortunate decisions by some board members that produced negative consequences for the leadership and the whole organization. This satirical...

Success Stories

Catholic Schools of Baton Rouge are Determined to Grow

Dr. Mel and her team of administrators hosted the largest School Growth Lab ever!

By Rachele Smith in The Catholic Commentator   With an eye toward the future, administrative teams from diocesan Catholic schools [in Baton Rouge, LA] gathered June 8-11, 2015 to discuss strategies for future development and improvement. The 2015 Summer Leadership Summit held at the Catholic Life Center featured a “School Growth Lab” that encouraged school...
SG Lab Philly People 4 People

Philadelphia Lab Achieved New Milestone for Leadership Training

The School Growth Lab in Philadelphia this week achieved a new milestone for leadership, with four schools committed to a culture of growth and innovation. Learning with a beautiful view of the city from the top floor of People for People Charter School made the experience even more meaningful. Four Schools--A Record High This was the first time......