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School Growth is a global school design company that was founded on the premise that schools can be reinvented to more effectively inspire greater achievement in teachers and students. Respecting the best practices from tradition while leveraging the best possibilities of innovation, we serve select learning organizations to create sustainable growth for success.

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Rory McIlroy had a...
Yesterday Rory McIlroy won the British Open golf tournament. It was the fulfillment of a dream he had envisioned and practiced at least 15 years ago. Back then, with the blind innocence of a 10-year old, he would walk into the Holywood Golf Club pro shop and fill out...


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Thanks to the Internet, social media, advances in instructional design, etc., this is perhaps the hardest time in history to lead a school. With so much competition and so little barriers to entry, it’s extremely complex to determine how to adjust your school design to improve your value, grow...

Success Stories


Georgia Association of Christian Schools

The Georgia Association of Christian Schools (GACS) wanted to grow. Now! This year!! So the executive director and the board evaluated their options and decided to participate in a School Growth Innovation Lab to intentionally redesign the future of this organization. In a time when its member schools are experiencing unprecedented competition from the exploding number...

Claiborne Christian School
West Monroe, Louisiana

Lee Taylor, Head of School

As the newly appointed head of school, Lee Taylor was looking for something more. He wanted more for his school and more for him personally.