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Strategic Planning

A Strategic Growth Plan will help you chart a course to sustainable excellence

You and your school are unique! Now isn't the time to just copy others--and you definitely don't want to follow the same tired improvement plans from yesteryear.

A school is a complex organization, with multiple stakeholders that each have different expectations and priorities. Don't risk using business "experts" who don't understand the challenges of educational leadership and the vital ecosystem of relationships.

We have different planning packages to fit your budget and priorities, and some quality to use federal Title funds because of the professional development provided. 

Scott Barron
Chief Reinvention Officer
  • What is a Strategic Growth Plan?

    Video Course: $99

    In this introductory video training, you will learn about the mindset and methodology of Strategic Growth Planning, including how to create a data-driven process for advancing your mission, value proposition, and story. We review the seven stages of this powerful strategic planning process and show you how to get started. 

  • Executive Leadership Coaching

    Accelerate your professional development and your school's progress through monthly executive coaching. We will provide expert support, guidance, and accountability to collaboratively advance your executive presence, the quality and effectiveness of your team, and your follow-through on the plan priorities.


The need for more effective leadership development has never been more urgent as administrators seek to survive in a volatile and uncertain economy

Your Strategic Plan is Killing You and Here is How to Fix It
Video Course: $99

A great deal of time and resources were probably invested into crafting your school's strategic plan. But what if that document is actually undermining your ability to sustainably grow. This course identifies common constraints and provides guidance for growth.


Developing a 90 Day Growth Plan
Video Course: $99

Progress is the key to building confidence among your stakeholders. In this course you will learn how to create a 90-Day Growth to clarify tactical initiatives that will increase momentum and energize your school culture. When you start winning, they will trust you more and invest more.

Setting the Tone for a Great Year
Video Course: $99

First impressions matter! People form opinions quickly, so the advantage goes to those leaders who connect meaningfully and deeply with faculty and families. This course will help you strategically plan the launch of your school year to maximize engagement and relationships.

  • Survive Leadership Transition

    Video Course: $99

    Regardless of the cause, People at every level want to know why a leadership change is taking place, how it will impact them, and what they can expect. This course provides guidance for the board and administration to survive the risky pitfalls and sustain momentum during a transition.

    Hire Well, Fire Well

    Video Course: $99

    Measuring and leading employee performance is the most important part of the administrator’s job. This course features the most effective talent strategies used by the best schools to improve the accuracy of your personnel decisions and build an outstanding team.

  • Why Are Schools so Complex?

    Video Course: $99

    PK-12 schools are the most complex organizations in our economy. But why? This course is designed for board members, policy makers, business leaders, parents, etc., to provide a clearer understanding of how schools work and why they are so difficult to lead.

    Overcoming Challenges

    Video Course: $99

    "What's your biggest challenge?" Accurately answering that question is fundamental to achieving your growth goals. This course is designed to prompt crucial conversation among administrators and board leaders to address the real issues with integrity and authenticity.

  • How Healthy is Your School?

    Video Course: $99

    Organizationally healthy schools consistently outgrow their competitors. This course will help you diagnose the real problems that are limiting growth rather than trying to fix the symptoms. We provide insights into the root causes of dysfunction and how to achieve sustainable excellence.

    The Consultative Business Officer

    Video Course: $99

    We studied the most effective school business office leaders and found a consistent pattern of attitudes and techniques. This course is designed for personnel in the business office who want to maximize their influence and productivity across the campus.


The Board

Our school board training develops the knowledge, skills and habits required for more effective governance and engagement

Board Bootcamp: Building Board Engagement
Video Course: $99

The school board sets the tone and pace for the entire organization. This course focuses on why board engagement is so important, with each board member personally invested and properly engaged in the mission, culture, and strategies.

4 Stages of Board Development
Video Course: $99

Effective board governance begins with a proper understanding of the roles and responsibilities. In this course you will learn about the Four Stages of Board Development to improve organizational awareness and health, and how to create a pathway to sustainable growth.

Board Leadership to Achieve School Growth
Video Course: $99

This board leadership training session focuses on strategies to improve the quality of the board, including setting goals for the board and individual trustees, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, cultivating new board members, and planning more effective board meetings.


Retreat Planning

Using our Planning Guide, your next board retreat will be the best investment the board and administration can make to advance your mission and achieve greater success. 

Looking for a facilitator?

A School Growth Board Retreat provides an unusually effective forum for your administration and/or board to focus on your core. We collaborate with you to design an experience that increases Leadership Capacity, Organizational Health, and Continuous Improvement.

Scott Barron
Chief Reinvention Officer
  • Online Resource

    Planning a Meaningful Board Retreat
    Video Course: $99

    We will step you through creating a plan that will enhance the relationships within the board and with the chief administrator. Cultivating healthy engagement with the board is a wise move for any school administrator, and a retreat can be the jumpstart needed to grow.

  • Board Training

    Training will also be incorporated into the retreat, satisfying accreditation requirements for board professional development but sometimes you need an extra layer of coaching and accountability. Board training will help guide you through taking your plans and transforming them into actionable items.

  • Facilitated Board Retreat

    We will tailor the retreat plan to address the specific goals and challenges of your each of your boards. Through a pre-retreat planning session, we will create an agenda and logistics plan to maximize success. The retreat will include learning, planning, and relationship building to achieve the results that you want.


Growth Plan

What's stopping you from growing? Success in enrollment growth comes through focusing on what matters most and more effectively communicating with and engaging your stakeholders.

Enrollment Leadership is an Art & Science!
But success favors the science side of the equation because disciplined, data-driven enrollment management is able to maximize the funnel and adapt to problems and opportunities. Enrollment leadership is hard enough without a Growth Plan.

An Enrollment Growth Plan defines the strategies, schedule, and commitments for achieving the core revenue goals of the school. In this session, we step through the Seven Chapters of an Enrollment Growth Plan that will build trust and confidence among your administration and board with a data-driven plan that provides a clear path to success.

Tammy Barron
  • Online Resource

    Start Your Enrollment Growth Plan
    Video Course: $99

    During this 3-hour course, we will review each of the Seven Chapters of an Enrollment Growth Plan and how to most effectively respond, learn from, and leverage the current environment.

  • Planning Session

    An Enrollment Growth Plan is tailored to your specific organization and context. We'll help you develop data-informed answers to critical questions, along with details that clarify Goals/KPIs, stakeholder engagement, enrollment calendar, information systems, and other components to achieve the best results.

  • Coaching & Implementation Available


Enrollment Growth begins with engaged leadership and families who share core beliefs and vision, and continues with a clearly defined target market, value proposition, and brand. Through extensive research on the best practices of enrollment leadership and management, we've designed these resources to help you achieve your goals.

Year Round Enrollment Management
Video Course: $99

Enrollment is the life blood of the school. This course delivers detailed guidance through the annual admissions cycle designed to help you achieve the best results. You will learn our research-driven tools and techniques for managing each quarter of the enrollment calendar.

Building Faculty Engagement
Video Course: $99

Active participation by all employees in the larger culture and goals of the school is a key advantage for the most successful programs. This course demonstrates how engaged faculty produce better results--for students, for the leadership, and for the school as a whole.

10 Critical Questions Leaders Should Be Asking About Enrollment
Video Course: $99

How can the board and leadership assess the quality and performance of enrollment management? In this course we share the critical questions that we use when conducting an enrollment audit, and provide guidance on improvements that can be made to improve performance.

Data Analysis, Reporting, and Forecasting
Video Course: $99

Enrollment data is extremely valuable to improve your strategic plan and achieve school growth. This course shows you how to uncover trends and truths, more accurately forecast and report enrollment, and uncover critical elements about your brand narrative and value proposition.

Maximize Summer Enrollment
Video Course: $99

For many, the summer months are a critical part of the enrollment season, but so much of the campus is in disarray and most everyone is gone. In this course we share strategies to effectively deliver campus tours, sell the program, and manage the funnel.

Building School Wide Engagement
Video Course: $99

This is one of our most popular courses because building brand loyalty among faculty, current families, board leaders, etc., is the most effective way to market and grow your school. When everyone contributes to recruiting families, you’re able to generate greater energy through these brand ambassadors.

Parent Ambassadors and Onboarding
Video Course: $99

Training and activating your parent ambassadors is vital to your enrollment strategies. This video course will give you detailed guidance on how to structure your ambassador program for maximum impact. Enrollment is a "team sport" that needs everyone committed and involved.


Limited Time Offer: $349

As a former admissions director who persevered through the Great Recession, I understand the daunting task of achieving your enrollment goals under adverse circumstances. Having worked with hundreds of enrollment professionals just like you over the last decade and especially the past 2 months, I get the challenges you’re facing and the obstacles in your path. We created this special PowerPack to give you encouragement and proven tools that will give you momentum and success.

Tammy Barron
  • Enrollment PowerPack

    (Regular Price: $599)

    The Enrollment PowerPack contains video training with detailed guidance through the process of creating your Enrollment Growth Plan. This three-part series has been shared with administrators around the world with rave reviews.

  • 4 Video Courses + Workbooks

    - Enrollment Growth Plan 3 HR Workshop
    - Maximize Summer Enrollment 4 Part Series
    - Parent Ambassador Network Course
    - Faculty Engagement Workshop

  • 3 Resources + 2 Surveys

    - Enrollment Reports to Advance Communication and Forecasting
    - Parent Ambassador Blueprint to "Mobilize the Masses"
    - Family On-boarding Schedule
    - New Family Survey to Adjust Value Proposition & Differentiators
    - Exit Survey to Identify Opportunities for Growth


Communication is one of the four disciplines to develop Organizational Health. But communication is the not the goal--deeper and more engaged relationships is what you REALLY want.

Since communication contributes to every aspect of growth, it must be a priority for your leadership team.

To elevate communication effectiveness in your Growth Plan, we've developed the following training resources.

Creating a Communication Protocol
Video Course: $99

A communication protocol defines the priorities, rules, and processes for sharing information with the stakeholders throughout your school. This video course will show you how to more effectively share your messages with email, social media, etc., to minimize miscommunication and damage control.

Effectively Dealing with Difficult People and Conversations
Video Course: $99

This video course is designed to provide practical tools for responding rather than reacting in difficult circumstances and will help you find a path to resolution. You will learn how to work through the steps that lead to more productive relationships, even when that requires navigating tension and disagreement.

Communication Strategies to  Grow
Video Course: $99

Over 90% of faculty and parents identify communication as the #1 priority for school improvement. Mastering the art and the science of communication is critical for your success. This course is essential for you to learn both the tools and the strategies to grow as a communicator.

Laws of the Grapevine

Your communication habits are the single most important predictor of your success, and the best leaders understand that HOW you communicate trumps WHAT you communicate.

Your communication skills have a direct impact on the success of you and your school. It impacts faculty culture, enrollment, fundraising, board relationships, and so much more.

Just like every other school, you have a grapevine ecosystem throughout your community that can be an asset or a liability--the difference is really up to you. Anyone can master these techniques to build the habits to Master Your Grapevine!

Scott Barron
Chief Reinvention Officer
  • Video Course

    The Laws of the Grapevine are critical for you to learn because: Great leaders are great communicators, and we need both in our schools. This online course will teach you techniques to build trust and engagement in both your personal and professional life.

  • Price: $299

    The Laws of the Grapevine are critical for you to learn because: Great leaders are great communicators, and we need both in our schools. This online course will teach you techniques to build trust and engagement in both your personal and professional life. 

  • Leadership Coaching Available