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Enrollment Growth Leader Certification

Market pressures have elevated the importance of enrollment leadership because for most schools, tuition revenue drives all other plans for the school. 


There have never been so many competitors vying for the same families, and as education innovators we use that motivation to step up to the challenge. 

Are we doing the right things? Does our leadership have the People, Processes, and Systems to sustainably grow enrollment? We’ve created a new option to help you answer these important questions.


Over the last two decades we’ve researched and provided training on the best practices of enrollment leadership and management. For mission-driven schools, aligning the enrollment philosophy and practices with the values and goals is of utmost importance.

You’re trying to engage the most valuable assets that parents possess:
their children, their money, and their network of influence.

That’s not easy.

So, we’ve combined our many years of research and expertise into a video training series and certification program for those responsible for managing and growing enrollment. The School Growth Enrollment Growth Leader training and certification is an efficient and cost-effective way to learn best practices that enable greater success.

The Enrollment Mastery I & II certifications are designed for those responsible for leading admissions along with other administrators in the school. Understanding these revenue-generating practices is crucial at all levels of leadership because you need to be able to answer questions such as:

  • How do we more effectively deliver the enrollment numbers for the school?
  • What data should be maintained and how can it be used to support more accurate decision making?
  • How do we build the internal and external relationships and trust that are vital for success?
  • What communication and marketing strategies, metrics, and processes should be used to maximize enrollment?
  • How do we maintain momentum with so many moving pieces?
  • When and with whom should enrollment performance and insights be shared?
  • What is the enrollment funnel and how should it be effectively managed?
  • How should we engage employees, board members, parents, and students as enrollment ambassadors?

This enrollment training and certification is designed to be easily accessible, provide practical and immediate productivity, ensure the application of best practices, and build leadership confidence. 


School Growth's Enrollment Growth Leader Certification (Mastery I and Mastery II) is offered within our School Growth Network Starter Membership. 

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