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School Strategic Planning, Training, and Support to Become the Best Version of YOU

The Journey to Authentic, Sustainable Excellence

Every school wants to be excellentauthentically and sustainably excellent. But it's so hard to achieve long-term growth while also nurturing a team of dedicated educators through all of the challenges of education leadership. Add to that rapidly expanding competition and shifting expectations and it becomes even more daunting. 

That's where School Growth is unique. Our team of seasoned experts understands you and the complexities of this work, and we're willing to walk the journey with you as a close friend. 

We provide workshops and retreats, executive coaching and strategic planning, along with marketing and communication services to help you grow.

 We would love to help you achieve your growth goals to transform lives. 


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Professional Development For The Whole School

A Growth Mindset is highly valued and takes real commitment. Knowing that every school and educator is unique, our training is tailored with care to match your specific needs.

School Leadership Retreats

Grow understanding, focus, and unity among your board members and/or leadership team.

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Educator Workshops

Inspire your administrators, teachers, coaches, and staff with practical learning that advances skills and engagement.

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Executive Coaching

Reach your personal and school growth goals through executive coaching for school leaders: Heads, Directors, Principals, Business Officers, and more.

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Customized Programs

Create a tailored training program for your team that incorporates elements specific to your school.

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Empower Your Leadership

With School Growth, you'll access vital tools and support, enhancing your executive presence. You can improve team performance and discover personal fulfillment in your leadership role, paving the way for a lasting and successful educational leadership journey.

Our program focuses on elevating leadership skills, providing accountability, and offering expert guidance to help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Love'em and Lead'em

Love’em and Lead’em provides encouragement and inspiration for educators at all levels and roles throughout the campus and organization. While there are no easy answers to creating high-quality schools, this book calls us to support our educators and to build authentic, loving relationships with students, their parents, and each other. 

Teachers, staff, administrators, coaches, board members, volunteers, and others will benefit from the vignettes and lessons in this book. It’s an easy read that is also used as a reference for professional development and coaching, providing practical guidance on how to maintain trust throughout the school community. It is truly inspiring and encouraging! 

Membership Levels

Start with the membership level that fits your goals, timeline, and budget today, then adjust as needed. Each level includes access to our extensive video library for professional development along with text, email, and phone support as needed.


Authentic growth starts at the top, so our Advanced Membership provides Executive Coaching for those responsible for school leadership. Through monthly online sessions, we step through a customized professional growth program that includes competency in Presence, People, and Progress.  


Silver Members are ready to step up to Executive Coaching for the whole administration by developing the disciplines of School Leadership, Accountability, and Management. They receive all the benefits of the Advanced level plus team development, enrollment planning, and fundamental strategy development.


Gold Membership is for those who recognize the need to grow as a strategic learning organization. They receive all the benefits of Silver membership, plus strategic plan guidance combined with integrated first-tier marketing, communication, and data analysis/reporting for highly effective implementation.


Platinum Members fully utilize the skills and wisdom of our team as a strategic ally to accelerate growth while also maximizing the joy and impact of education leadership. We provide an exclusive level of services to optimize results, navigate the inevitable obstacles that arise, and ensure long-term success. 

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