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Stop Ignoring the Warning Signs

SG Stop Ignoring the Warning SignsA dangerous deficit has emerged in the leadership of schools, and it is a major limiting factor in the ability to successfully adapt to the realities of facing educators today. Stop ignoring the warning signs--if action isn't taken soon, the long-term damage will be severe. 

Through our collaboration with thousands of education leaders over the last 90 days in workshops, professional coaching sessions, and leadership retreats, a dangerous pattern has emerged: The higher stresses of the job are taking a toll. 

You can hear it in their words, and see it in their body language. They are fatigued mentally, emotionally, and spiritually--a bad combination when you're responsible for leading a complex ecosystem of relationships that can rapidly degrade.

This often happens to school leaders in the latter part of the year--April, May, and June generally have the lowest level of energy and engagement. Seeing these deficits in the fall is a dangerous indicator that will inevitably limit leadership capacity and continuous improvement. 

Ignoring these warning signs will have negative consequences that may be irreversible, damaging your health and ability to lead productively.

Personal Mastery is one of the twelve core disciplines of effective school leadership. Developing these habits of self enable you to view and interact with others more objectively and constructively.

After all, if you don’t develop and understand yourself, how can you understand others--both in your personal life and in your professional life?

This is a discipline you want to become contagious to others. If you aren’t inherently motivated to learn and grow, how can you expect those who follow you to be so inclined?

As your own quest for life balance, objective feedback, and professional development gains energy and commitment, the more it fosters a spirit of growth throughout your entire organization. 

The seven elements of Personal Mastery are:

1. Self-Awareness
2. Personal Values
3. Purpose
4. Vision
5. Self Discipline
6. Knowledge
7. Wisdom

As you navigate the daily challenges of trying to keep your school open and support the needs of your faculty and families, don't ignore your most valuable asset: YOU!

Whether you are a school head, enrollment director, business officer, or other leadership role, invest in professional coaching and support that can help you sustain your growth and balance. Please don't ignore the warning signs that are sounding the alarm. 

Reach out to me for more information about professional coaching options that will advance your Personal Mastery and sustain your joy for school leadership.

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