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Dont wish for it

The Discipline of Engagement is Critical to Enrollment Management


Dont wish for it

Growing enrollment is as much science as it is art, and those administrators who develop and hone the Discipline of Engagement have a distinct advantage.

They don't just wish for it--they work for it by building deeper relationships, leveraging the strengths of their people, and making adjustments in response to new opportunities to grow.

While enrollment management is multifaceted, most aspects are cyclical, predictable, and can be anticipated. Developing a more disciplined approach will help you become more productive, more efficient, happier, and healthier. 

No one enjoys the stress of random leadership. The most effective enrollment directors strive to be proactive instead of reactive, giving them the advantage of being prepared with an engaged network throughout the school community.

The Discipline of Engagement is the practice of establishing plans and diligently executing each step with the purpose of progressively building healthier and stronger relationships.  Engagement-driven initiatives should be prioritized as mission critical for enrollment growth and school growth, with appropriate time and resources dedicated to successful implementation.

How important is engagement? Engagement of faculty and families is the #1 factor driving student growth, enrollment growth, school culture, financial sustainability, and faculty retention.

In the Maximize Summer Enrollment webinar series we explored how to build engagement with these key stakeholders in a quarterly cycle of leadership:

  • Chief Administrator (Head, Superintendent, Principal, Administrator, etc.)
  • Other administrators
  • Faculty (teachers and staff)
  • Parents (enrolled and prospective)
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Board Members

Relationships are still the key to success in school leadership, especially when it comes to growing enrollment. Using a disciplined approach has multiple advantages that produce winning results. 

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