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What Will You Accomplish by June 30?

SG 90 Day Crisis Response Plan LogoWhat will you accomplish by June 30 that would advance the quality and sustainability of your school? That's the question your leadership and board should be prepared to answer ASAP!

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In every school today there are opportunities to improve your people, systems, habits, messages, and especially your relationships.
It's proven that the best way to do that is to create a 90-Day Plan that will enable you to achieve small wins to re-energize and re-focus your faculty and families. 

We've been teaching the 90-day tactical planning process for over a decade because it's such a powerful way to build confidence and evidence in support of your leadership. This is how successful people learn and innovate in every other sector in our economy--educators are applying these same tools to navigate the uncertainties of the current environment.

Your survival depends on your ability, your willingness, and your commitment to develop the practices of entrepreneurial innovation. This is your chance to break through the self-imposed constraints to progressively advance your capacity to execute as a disciplined organization. 

By achieving measurable success in a short period of time, you strengthen all three key areas of discipline: Leadership Capacity, Organizational Health, and Continuous Improvement.

Of course the current events are going to produce permanent disruptions to the way schools are designed, led, and managed. At this point, however, no one is precisely sure what that is going to look like because too many variables are changing at the same time.

But you can lead your school forward with this approach to planning and execution. 

If you need to learn how to create a 90-Day Plan to innovate and grow your school, CLICK HERE for the next free webinar.

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