School Boards and Administrators Depend on School Growth for their Most Important Leadership Decisions

Mission Driven EdSearch Transparent Logo.pngThe usual education search firms focus on finding the next person verses the best leader--a highly qualified, successful leader who is fully aligned with your mission, your culture, your strategies, and your expectations. Your entire organization will grow as a result of our relationship together, maximizing leadership capacity and engagement.

"School Growth isn't just moving administrators around from one school to the next. We're building the pool of talented school leaders, and we ensure long-term tenure and success through our Mission-Driven Searchâ„¢ methodology."
--Scott Barron, Founder of School Growth.

Fear and uncertainty can infect the school during a time of leadership transition. Our expertise in strategic communication and organizational development will equip your team with the tools and resources to sustain engagement, enrollment, and funding even during such changes. 

We'll help you survive and thrive as you seek new leadership!


What is the Advantage of a Mission-Driven Search? 

Gold Check Mark.pngOur Proven Mission-Driven Searchâ„¢ methodology will identify the best leader for your mission and vision.


Gold Check Mark.pngWe Guarantee Your Success for One Year to make sure any one we place is most effective on your campus

Gold Check Mark.pngExpand the leadership capacity and engagement of your board, faculty, families, and donors even during a search

Gold Check Mark.pngWe'll help you manage expectations and communication to sustain momentum even during this uncertain time

Getting Started with School Growth is Easy

Why not explore your options with a free coaching session where we'll help you assess the current situation and make the best decisions to achieve your goals. You will be under no obligation to use our services by taking advantage of this free advice and we'll give you some very valuable data that will be important for your team. To schedule your free coaching session, simply complete the form on this page and we'll follow up with you to confirm a date and time. 

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