Building Faculty Engagement

LIVE In-Person at Austin International School

Join us on October 1st from 6PM - 8PM

Active participation by Faculty in the enrollment management process is a key advantage for the most successful schools. They know how to equip, mobilize, and motivate their constituents to collaboratively achieve the goals. “Building Faculty Engagement” prepares and energizes everyone to contribute to the recruitment of families (and donors), sharing the workload and generating vital momentum. Demonstrate knowledge to maximize retention, increase sustainability, & improve yield of applicants to enrollees. Implement a step by step action plan on how to build engagement and equip, train, and engage your faculty throughout the school.

In our Building Faculty Engagement Workshop, we will equip, train, and engage your teachers and staff to support your school growth goals. Having an outside, expert voice affirm the importance of a unified team reinforces your key leadership messages. 

Course Objectives

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how the decisions and relationships they create have an impact on student admissions
  • Learn how those decisions influence the lives of families and impact the larger goals of the school
  • Explore how to assess the engagement level of your faculty
  • Be able to identify key factors that have a positive and a negative influence
  • Establish challenges for greater commitment to both individual and collaborative readiness

Ideal Participants

  • Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Support Staff
  • Business Office Staff
  • Board Members

What People Are Saying About This Workshop


"The most important thing for faculty to hear and understand is that every teacher (and staff member) is in the admission/advancement department. They play the leading, most critical role everyday in the decision of our current parents to re-enroll and they have already begun to make that decision for next year. Even as a teacher myself, I never heard that and it has changed the way I look at each teacher." 

"The way in which you presented the material was very appealing. All the while you were telling the teachers what they need to be and do, you did so by encouraging and affirming them. Your comments called them to step up even more than they are now. I think the teachers came away understanding just how much they are valued as professionals and as part of the team."

"As the principal, I was encouraged by the way I saw the teachers remain interested throughout the session. I believe they have a new way of looking at their role as part of the larger team. No matter how vast our programs may become or what type of facility we may live in, student engagement and parent satisfaction lie largely with the teacher and that does not depend on programs or facility."


"It was good to talk about the school as a whole program. It helped to understand the bigger picture and to see how each person/department plays a role in enrollment."

"We are all responsible for bringing in new students, not just Admissions."

"I get it--Teach with the future in mind."

"This felt good, a shot in the arm!"

"It placed a great weight of responsibility on me as a teacher, in a good way. I have a greater understanding of the importance of my role to the program as a whole and specifically for retaining current students."


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