Create a Communication Protocol for Maximum Engagement

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Course Description

School-Safety-Collage-300x300Do you have a communication protocol that defines a disciplined process for sharing information and using media?


Especially when it comes to sharing difficult news?

This is a critical question to improve your school’s organizational health, and we’re going to show you how to create a protocol in four easy steps.

A communication protocol defines the rules, processes, and points of authority for sharing information with the stakeholders throughout your school community. It specifies who is responsible for communicating based on the topic area, the sense of urgency, and the scope of the message.

In this webinar series we’ll show you how to create a productive communication protocol that includes the sequence, frequence, and flow of communications in order to maximize engagement.

As a free bonus, we've created an introductory session to get you started.

Course Objectives

  • Define a communication protocol with the key components and benefits
  • Create an initial communication protocol through a four step process
  • Consider situations that would trigger use of the protocol

Ideal Participants

  • Board Members
  • Head of School
  • CFO/Business Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Principals
  • Enrollment Director
  • Development/ Advancement Director
  • Athletic Director
  • All Other Administrators


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