Enrollment Growth Plan 3 HR Online Workshop Video Recording

Video Recording

Video Description - If your current schedule does not allow you to participate in our live 3 hour Enrollment Growth Plan Workshop, THIS is the perfect option for you!

We address many of the obstacles facing current enrollment professionals during the Covid Crisis. There are solutions to these challenges that can build relationships, culture and a strong sense of community. Let us help you navigate this journey!

Over the past week, we collaborated with school leaders around the world in live, online workshops to develop/adjust their Enrollment Growth Plan. Enrollment is the life blood of every school. Now more than ever, having a plan in place is critical for your school’s success.
What are the chapters of a plan? What are schools doing to produce the best results? What adjustments can be made to grow in 2020?
We recorded this live 3-hour workshop so that you too can take advantage of this guidance. It's full of strategies to accomplish your goals with detailed, step by step instructions to write your plan.
For just $99 per school you will receive both the workbook and the video. You can share this info with colleagues within your organization and use it to prompt crucial conversations.

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School leaders around the world are trying to figure out how to respond to the threats and opportunities that are emerging from the new realities.

* How do we grow enrollment when everyone is displaced and focused on uncertainty and fear?
* How can we improve our organization and marketing strategies?
* What can we do to sustain culture and engagement through all of the noise and distraction?

Course Objectives

  • Map out a Plan to Achieve Your Enrollment and Revenue Goals
  • Build Confidence and Trust with your board, administration, and faculty
  • Grow Stakeholder Engagement

Ideal Participants

  • Superintendents
  • Administrators
  • Admissions
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Business Office
  • Advancement

What People Are Saying About This Course

"Wow! I am so grateful that I had the honor of attending this session. I found a lot of it incredibly helpful and inspiring."
--Joy Maguire-Parsons, The Colorado Springs School

"This was a timely presentation that helped me think more strategically about my role as an Admissions Coordinator and how interconnected my role is to all other areas of the school."
--Heather Henry, Hope Academy

"I really enjoyed learning the way you report enrollment data. I'm going to start using your forms and processes immediately."
--Milissa Woodward, Lebanon Catholic School

"You have the best perspective I've seen on school culture and growth. I'm thankful for School Growth's training!"
--Julia Spaht, St. James Episcopal School

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