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Whether you want to create a Strategic Growth Plan to grow enrollment, academic quality, economic sustainability, faculty engagement, board leadership, and/or some other aspect of your school, our unique data-driven methodology will guide you to the path of greater success and joy. 

It takes courage to lead a school. You have your own strengths, your own unique genius. Now isn't the time to just copy other people. And you definitely don't want to follow the same tired management models from yesteryear.

A school is a complex organization, with multiple stakeholders that have different expectations and priorities. So you also don't want to risk using business experts who don't understand the nuances of educational leadership and the complicated relationships involved.

You need a plan that appreciates your specific context and plays to your strengths! 

We have a repository of best practices and wisdom gained from extensive experience across the full spectrum of PK-12 schools. We Guarantee to help you find a way forward using our data-driven process to discover the opportunities and barriers, and then help you create your own path to deeper relationships and sustained excellence. 


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We offer easy ways to take the first step.

You might begin with a leadership retreat to assess organizational health and create a short-term tactical plan to achieve breakthrough momentum in the next few months. 

Or, your path to growth could start with a workshop to improve faculty engagement, servant leadership and collaborative trust. 

Or, to meet the requirements of accreditation and/or your board, you may need to create a strategic plan that will produce real results. 

We offer different strategic growth planning packages from a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) to a complete turnkey Premium Plan

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In about 30 minutes we can provide an initial assessment and provide recommendations to start your strategic growth plan. This is a simple, risk free way to tap into our expertise and learn why over 3,800 schools over the last decade have trusted us to create their unique path to success.

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A Select Group that Started Their Growth Plan with School Growth

  • Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

  • North Tampa Christian Academy

  • Bob Jones Academy

  • Pinecrest Academy

  • Braination Residential Schools

  • Spartanburg Day School

  • Monterey Bay Academy

  • Southern Union Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

  • Diocese of Austin Catholic Schools

  • Catholic Schools of Baton Rouge

  • St. John Lutheran School

  • St. James Episcopal Day School

  • Hinsdale Academy

  • Everest Academy

  • St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School

  • Miami Country Day School

  • Orlando Junior Academy

  • Sherwood Christian Academy
  • Notre Dame Academy
  • Clear Water Academy

What Does a Growth Plan Include?

A Strategic Growth Plan may include any of the following:
  • Long-Term Strategic Plan (usually 3 years) that is tailored to the unique context, assets and strengths
  • Short-Term Tactical Plan to achieve immediate impact
  • Professional Development for Administrators, Board, and Faculty
  • Leadership Retreat to renew and re-focus
  • Leadership Coaching for support and implementation guidance
  • Enrollment Audit and Plan
  • Communication Protocol and Training
  • Talent Audit and Plan
  • Brand Narrative to redefine key messages and prompt action
"Using School Growth's data-driven approach is what makes the strategic growth planning process so unique. We're not guessing nor having to rely on gut feel. That has given us the confidence to make hard decisions and develop a plan that I'm confident will lead us to advance long-term sustainability and academic excellence. This is the best plan we've ever had." -- Jaime W., Board of Directors


"School Growth's approach to data analysis, planning and relationship building has transformed our leadership and our entire organization. We have gained remarkable clarity regarding our people, our vision, and our enrollment strategy. The results are already being seen--which is not always the case with a strategic plan." -- Dan N., Head of School


"This leadership retreat was awesome--and I've been to so many of them. I loved the way you challenged us to understand the importance of faculty quality and engagement, and then provided opportunities for healthy conversations to deal with issues that have plagued us for far too long."
--Lori C., CEO and Board of Trustees


Are You Ready to Start Your Growth Plan? 

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