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It takes courage to lead a school. Whether you want to grow enrollment, academic quality, sustainability, or just professionally, this is the place to get started because our mission is to make your life and leadership better.

You have your own strengths, your own unique genius. Now isn't the time to just copy other schools. And you definitely don't want to follow the same tired school management models from yesteryear.

A school is a complex organization, with multiple stakeholders that have different expectations and priorities. So you also don't want to risk using business experts who don't understand the nuances of educational leadership and the complicated relationships involved.

We have a repository of best practices and wisdom gained from extensive experience across the full spectrum of PK-12 schools. We Guarantee we can help you find a way forward.

We use a data-driven process to discover the opportunities and barriers, and then help you create a path to achieve excellence. A path, not a road, because no one else has been where you're going. 


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In about 30 minutes we can provide an initial assessment and provide recommendations to grow. This is a simple, risk free way to tap into our expertise and learn why over 2,500 schools over the last decade have utilized our resources and services to create their own path to success.

We GROW schools and the People who have the Courage to Lead them

Growth Plan Objectives

  • Gain insight on your barriers to growth
  • Identify steps that could be taken to begin a new path
  • Determine priorities
  • Evaluate Growth Options

Ideal Participants

  • Administrators of schools, centers, and other learning organizations
  • Board Leaders
  • Educational Entrepreneurs

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