Leadership Retreat


Retreat Description

A School Growth Leadership Retreat provides an unusually effective forum for your administration and/or board to focus on your core. We collaborate to design an experience that increases Leadership Capacity, Organizational Health, and Continuous Improvement.

The retreat can be planned anytime during the year, and is especially impactful after a significant leadership change or after a period of disruption/stress. Improving organization health is a primary goal, building Cohesiveness and Clarity—the first two disciplines that lead to stronger performance.

No school or school system will outgrow the leadership capacity of its administration and board, so during this time away from the normal routine, we address some of the most critical issues. This is the best chance to inject fresh energy and direction to grow engagement, quality, and sustainability.

We customize the retreat plan to address the specific goals and challenges of each organization, recognizing the unique context and design. Through a pre-retreat planning session, we create an agenda and logistics plan to maximize success. The retreat includes learning, planning, and relationship building to achieve the desired results.

Leadership Retreat

Retreat Outcomes

  • Establish clearly defined goals
  • Use data to evaluate performance and results
  • Assess Leadership Capacity, Organizational Health and Continuous Improvement to determine areas of focus
  • Develop leadership skills appropriate to each role

Ideal Participants

  • Head of School, Superintendent, Executive Director
  • All Levels of Leadership
  • Board Members
  • Community Leaders


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