Are You SERIOUS About Making 2020 Your Best Year Yet?!?


Serious Training for the Courageous

If you're tired of the excuses...

If you're excited about finding a path forward...

If you're ready to love teachers and students more ...

Then it's time to get Radically Against Dysfunction!
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Jan. 23, 2020 @ Woodward in the Chapel Activity Room (Atlanta, GA) Register Now

Upcoming Locations:

Feb. 4, 2020 @ Stratford Academy (Macon, GA) Register Now
Feb. 12, 2020 @ Savannah Christian Prep School (Savannah, GA) Register Now


Growth Planning 101 online Training Course



Scott Barron & Tammy Barron

Your teachers deserve this!

Your student deserve this!

We're going to give you the techniques we've developed over the last decade that have enabled thousands of schools to overcome the dysfunctional attitudes and habits that stunted their growth for years. Leading a school is hard enough without the frustrating cycles of conflict and confusion. 

We're also going to share with you three professional development opportunities that will accelerate your exit strategy from the dysfunctional zone. 


More Teachers are leaving the profession than ever before due to dysfunctional school leadership among boards and administration

You CAN create an environment in which highly talented educators can thrive, but it takes a relentless focus and radical commitment. Culture starts at the top, and we've devoted our lives to helping you build a remarkable team of people and then love them like they are!


The average tenure of heads/superintendents has decreased over 30% since 2007 because of changing demands and competitive pressures.

A new set of tools is required to succeed in today's education market space. If you're ready to expand your toolbox with proven, data-driven methods that really work, then please don't miss out on this special opportunity. 

This program will only be available LIVE.
It will NOT be shared as a recorded video.

If you are serious about making 2020 a remarkable year of growth and success for your school, then enroll in this free course today to eliminate the dysfunction and rediscover the joy of learning and leadership. 

Training Objectives

  • Strategic Growth Planning vs. Common Strategic Planning
  • Using Data to Learn and Grow
  • Culture is the Key

Who Could Benefit

  • Board Members
  • Heads of School, Superintendents, Principals
  • Admission/Enrollment Directors, Development/Advancement Directors
  • CFOs/Business Officers
  • Other Administrators

What People Are Saying About This Course

"If only I had this training years ago--it would have saved me so much frustration. Thank you!"

--Bob H., Head of School in New York

"I understand now how important it is to get beyond the dysfunction. We can do this, and we're looking forward to building our Growth Plan."

--Pam S., Superintendent in Louisiana


"Let's Get R.A.D." is a live training course that we're offering in the following cities: (Click on the city below to Register!)
- Atlanta on January 23 at Woodward Academy
- Macon on February 4 at Stratford Academy
- Savannah on February 12 at Savannah Christian Preparatory School
Each session is 9:30am-12:30pm and will prompt crucial conversations for you.