Maximize Summer Enrollment Webinar Series

Note from Tammy:
So, it’s almost May and you have successfully completed another admissions season and you have wait lists in every grade-Now it’s time to sit back, relax by the pool and take your much needed break........NOT!!!

Most enrollment offices enroll between 25%-40% of their new students from May through August and selling an empty school is a major challenge!!

How do you make the most of the summer enrollment season and meet your goals for the start of school?

I have been in your shoes and have proven, effective tools and strategies to help you accomplish your goals. Together, we can get there and avoid singing the summer enrollment blues!

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Course Description

Maximize Summer EnrollmentTammy Barron hosted a webinar series for enrollment directors, school heads, superintendents, and other administrators to share strategies to maximize enrollment over the summer months. As you strive to meet your growth goals, know that you are not alone. 

Each session focuses on high impact techniques that will help you overcome the obstacles and seize the opportunities to maximize enrollment. Below is a description of each video session.





Part 1: Fundamentals to Maximize Summer Enrollment 

Think of enrollment as the temperature of the school, measuring the quality of the educational experience, the leadership's capacity to create consistent value, and the ability to communicate it effectively to the target market of students.

Board and faculty perceptions about the complexities of enrollment management are too simplistic. So many factors can impact the ability to grow or sustain a strong student population

Part 2: Onboarding of New Families & Surveys to Learn from their Experience

New Family Onboarding - Successfully onboarding new families to include details about the welcome packet and the hand-off from admissions to the divisions etc.

Parent Ambassadors - Using your parent ambassadors to lighten the onboarding load - this will include a Parent Ambassador template and specific Ambassador summer roles and responsibilities

New Family Surveys - Your new families are your best source to understand your position in the market. They’re the last people who “bought" your school and "shopped” the schools with whom you compete. They have valuable information to share, and we’re going to give you questions to ask them in order to gain the maximum benefit from their experience. 

Part 3: Building a School-Wide Engagement Plan

Success favors the prepared, especially when it comes to building engagement with faculty and families. In this webinar Tammy will show you how to plan your time and messages to strengthen relationships and build momentum throughout the year.  

  • Unique Story - How do you update your brand narrative and communicate it in a compelling way?
  • Faculty Engagement - When & how do you engage faculty & administration to achieve your goals?
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing - What is the best way to create energy and enthusiasm among your parents?
  • Board Engagement - What does your board need & want to hear from you? How can you engage them?

Part 4: Analyzing Year End Results with Accurate Data and Trends

Enrollment Data is your gold. It will help you learn from last year's cycle to improve forecasting and performance for the upcoming season. 

In the fourth and final session of our Maximize Summer Enrollment webinar series, I'm going to share specific steps you can take to collect the most valuable data, learn from your results, and make adjustments in order to learn and achieve greater success next year.

New Series Coming Soon: Setting the Enrollment Calendar to Grow Next Year

Better results--less stress. That's what happens when you plan your Enrollment Calendar to minimize last minute tasks. This session will show you how to maximize many of the activities you already use to more effectively deliver results.


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"It is amazing to have access to a monthly webinar that offers specific and doable ideas in the area of admissions and enrollment management. I feel like I am finally hearing workable ideas from someone who speaks my language!" --Danette T., Admissions & Marketing Director

"Your presentation was both inspirational and hopeful... which is what I needed at this time of year with a few empty spaces to fill and 'shut down' summer rapidly approaching." --Michele D., Enrollment Directer

"Loved the 'Energize the Base' tasks! I'm putting that into motion now!" --Claire, Enrollment Director

Course Objectives

  • Develop practical strategies to maximize enrollment during the summer months
  • Implement best practices for student recruiting and admission office management
  • Identify the issues that could negatively impact enrollment
  • Determine an action plan for improvement with support and accountability

Ideal Participants

  • Enrollment/Admission Professionals
  • Other School Administrators





For a limited time, you can access all 4 of these Exclusive Webinars to Maximize Enrollment for only $99. There are no strings attached and no additional fees.
Once you purchase the series, the videos are yours to keep. You can watch them at any time and rewatch again and again!

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