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Every Monday morning we share an encouragement email that is uniquely designed for educators. These powerful messages include timeless wisdom and relevant guidance to elevate those who work and lead in schools--including preschools, K-12, higher ed, and other learning influencers.

Educators face various challenges throughout the school year and it's easy to get overwhelmed by the work. These emails are written to provide specific encouragement as the week gets started to regain focus and energy in this noble calling.

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We love the feedback received from dedicated educators:

"Such an important message and practice to ingrain in our daily life as educators--Thank you!"
-- M.A. Hipp, Educator Emeritus

"So inspiring and timely!"
--C. Marquez

"I read these emails and your book daily to keep my mind and heart in the right perspective."
--F. Johnson, Head of School

Free Subscription to Weekly Encouragement for Educators


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