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Authenticity Starts with Unity

Teamwork and collaboration amongst students with a laughing group of diverse young men and women standing close together forming a stack with their hands-1In our August workshops to launch the new school year for schools throughout the U.S., educators are focused on three questions to make this year even more successful:

1. Are we on the pathway to Authentic, Sustainable Excellence?
2. What could degrade our unity in pursuit of our mission this year?
3. How will we measure progress each quarter?


Authenticity Starts with Unity!

Unity is the glue that elevates the authenticity of our mission and energizes our leadership and faculty to excel. With a clear vision and compelling values, our faculty will have a healthier mindset that is able to navigate the inevitable challenges ahead. 

We need our people looking for ways to make each person better rather than trying to compete with one another and operate in silos. 

Unity increases with loving accountability. We need a collaborative spirit of trust that empowers courageous educators and enables them to be dependent on each other for success.

When our faculty is passionate about making the mission authentic, they are willing to address those who may have become negative or complacent and urge them forward.

Training for Unity!

The skills and habits that contribute to unity can be learned. The School Growth Network (SGN) Starter Membership is JAM PACKED with professional development that is specifically designed to grow unity among your faculty and throughout your campus. It includes:

  • Enrollment Strategies to Grow
  • Training for all employees to understand and elevate their contribution to the whole organization
  • Professional Coaching for career advancement
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Troubleshooting Support

Would you like to create a unique professional development plan for your leadership and faculty to grow unity and results? Click this button to schedule a free call.

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