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Caddy Hack: Heed the Wisdom to Win

Who doesn't want a magic life hack or little-known shortcut to solve a real problem? Social media is replete with videos and tips to simplify various tasks and activities. These Life hackers offer valuable solutions, but hackers come in very different varieties.

Computer hackers haunt our systems posing a threat to our community.
Golf hackers have a love for the game but usually lack the talent for low scores.
Learning hackers are highly effective educators who overcome the barriers to learning with distinct expertise. (yes, I made that up but it sounds pretty good...)

Golfers use caddies to gain an advantage on the course, especially when playing it for the first time—such local knowledge and support lightens the load, reduces risks, and gives insight. Imagine if we all had a life caddy to help carry the load and to make better choices.



No one who achieves success does so
without acknowledging the help of others.
The wise and confident acknowledge
this help with gratitude.  

— Alfred North Whitehead

Experienced caddies provide a very valuable perspective that's informed from being there before. They know the course intimately, having walked it so many times with lots of other people. But that's not all.

Great caddies provide encouragement to build confidence and help anticipate risks.
They give advice on key decisions such as the ideal target for the shot or the best line for the putt.
They clean up the sandtrap after finally getting out of the hazard. 

The relationship between a professional golfer and his/her caddy is critically important to winning. Sadly, too many education professionals fail to utilize similar coaching and support as they navigate a more unpredictable environment with massively more important risks and consequences. 

A stubborn fool considers
his own way the right one,
a person who listens
to advice is wise. 

—  Proverbs 12:15

Taking time to think, seek wise counsel, and pray through decisions is a particularly useful hack to achieve our goals in a manner that aligns with our beliefs and values.

Making hasty decisions driven by emotions in the moment increases the risk that we will start negotiating with ourselves in a manner that compromises what should be non-negotiable commitments.

Utilizing a coach is a wise move used by the most successful education leaders to build executive presence, elevate people and culture, and progressively deliver measurable results. 

We're all going to fail—that’s life—but victory is won by those who figure out how to convert that pain and difficulty into an opportunity to learn, adjust, and become better through it.

Nothing is as dangerous 
as an ignorant friend; 
a wise enemy is to be preferred. 
— Jean de La Fontaine

Wisdom is still available all around if we're willing to stop and listen for a moment.

Choose wisely who serves as a counselor knowing the power of such relationships.

Choose wisely the daily habits and systems used because they determine the results.

Choose wisely who is treated as an enemy because they may be the greatest friend.

Use the wise advice of others this week, my friend, to lighten the load and strengthen your confidence as you courageously press on toward the goal to which you have been called. 


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