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Creating Authentic Dialogue to Restore and Renew

SG Creating Authentic Dialogue-1When do we slow down enough to restore our people and relationships?  When will authentic dialogue take place to more effectively grow?

Our pace of life as education leaders is stressful and unhealthy, yet we also know how important it is to thoughtfully reflect on and renew our calling to this work.

This week we're facilitating two retreats that are designed to do just that: One is a Leadership Planning Retreat to kick off a Strategic Growth Plan, and the other is a Board Retreat for professional development and culture building. 

Leadership Transitions Open Doors to Growth

At the Leadership Planning Retreat we utilize a unique process for understanding the historical realities of the organization and begin to clarify the strategic context. Over the last few years a new team of administrators has assumed responsibility for helping the school sustain important elements from the last 150+ years, while also adapting to the needs of families today and in the future.

It's hard to change culture--that requires changing attitudes and habits. Only the disciplined are able to reach that rare level of leadership. Creating authentic conversations is fundamental to this work. 

The board retreat, on the other hand, will spark important conversations regarding behaviors and best practices that foster healthy relationships and enable the board to set the tone and pace for the whole school. We will assess key performance indicators for the board, and identify opportunities for growth in the year ahead. 

Big Journeys Begin with Small Steps

Of all the things that can accelerate a growth mindset and build momentum on our campus, the most impactful move we can make is to start making progress. When we start delivering on our promises by following through on small, high-value initiatives, our board, faculty, and families gain greater confidence and trust. 

School culture changes when we start winning, and that's why a core part of our Strategic Growth Planning experience is designed to help administrators achieve long-term vision combined with short-term progress. It energizes the ecosystem of the school, increases collaboration, and produces tangible results. 

Finding Serenity in School Leadership

Last week we thoroughly enjoyed convening with a very talented group of school heads in Florida and shared three keys to Finding Serenity in School Leadership

That can seem like an oxymoron when facing so many challenges, but, if we don't have a joy and peace in your highly influential role in the lives of educators and students, we risk discouraging their love for learning.

Serenity comes from within and can become a powerful part of our narrative.

We recorded a condensed version of this workshop and it's now available to members of the School Growth Network. Every month we share new resources like this with our members to encourage, inspire, and equip them for the road ahead.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

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