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Enrollment in a Crisis--Are We Ready?

SG Enrollment Crisis ReadyEvery school that is required to recruit students for enrollment is asking the same question right now:

"How will this disruption to our society and economy impact our enrollment?"

And the truth is, no one knows for sure!

But an Enrollment Growth Plan is a big advantage that will deepen your understanding of the families in your target market and help you adjust to the current realities with discipline and data.

2020-21 is scheduled to start in about 90 days. Board members are concerned. Administrators, and particularly those responsible for enrollment management, are struggling to figure out what to do now.

On our webinar yesterday explaining how schools can apply for federal disaster relief funds, leaders across the U.S. expressed their concerns clearly:

  1. 62% said enrollment for 2020-21 and cash flow is their biggest worry
  2. 55% indicated that having a plan to survive the crisis is the immediate priority
  3. 69% said that with everyone off campus they've realized the need to improve communication. 


Assessing the quality of your enrollment plan begins with asking the right questions. 

1. Do you have accurate data about your current families, your target market, the effectiveness of your value proposition, demographic trends, and your competitive positioning?

2. What adjustment are being made to the enrollment process (e.g., tours, testing, communications, etc.) to adapt to the current realities?

3. What is your compelling brand story and how can it be enhanced to engage with families now?

4. How are you equipping and energizing current parents and students as brand ambassadors?


Your Enrollment Growth Plan needs to provide clear answers to these questions to build confidence with your school's leadership and to provide a way forward to achieve the revenue goals. This is how the enrollment office can support more effective strategic decisions through a cohesive view of the data that identifies growth opportunities. 

If you want to learn more about how to create or adjust your plan, you are invited to the Enrollment Growth Plan Workshop. We'll guide you through a deeper understanding of the seven elements of a plan and how you can more effectively communicate with and engage your stakeholders. CLICK HERE to Learn More.


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