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Opening School in 2020 and Staying Open

SG Opening Schools 2020We’re looking for every option available to open schools and keep them open for everyone’s benefit, and we recently learned about a new COVID/infectious disease management solution for schools offered through Educator-Resources that is actually very interesting. 

Following up on this lead, I asked them to send me more information, and they shared this explanation video along with some background on the program. They have a growing number of schools enrolling because of the realization of how challenging infectious disease management is for the administration on a daily basis. 

This could be a very effective and efficient way to manage the day-to-day tracking of employees and students that doesn’t require excessive manpower.

So, I scheduled an online interview with John Drye, Chief Risk Strategist and Legal Counsel for Educator-Resources, to get more on their story. Check it out below:


More information is available at


Listen to the School Growth podcast

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