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Piedmont School Has a Compelling Mission

Piedmont School Collage April 2021I read lots of mission statements.
Perhaps that sounds a bit weird, but the mission statement can be an interesting view inside what's going on deep inside the organization.

The Piedmont School has a concise, clear, and compelling mission that really caught my attention during our Board and Leadership Retreat together over the weekend. 

Strive daily to be the educational oasis that quenches the thirst of students who learn differently. 

See what I mean? 

The length is concise: Only 16 words.

The target market is clear: Students who learn differently.

The value proposition is compelling: Be the educational oasis that quenches their thirst for learning and growth.

This isn't a meandering paragraph of educational philosophy, but rather a motivating statement for faculty and families. That's beautiful!

Tim Montgomery, the Head of School, and his team have a deep love for these students, giving them a path forward out of the wilderness of frustration and discouragement that may result from traditional forms of education. 

Board & Leadership Retreat

We enjoyed the privilege of facilitating their board and leadership retreat over the weekend. This included onboarding a few new trustees and renewing their focus on enabling this powerful mission!

The joyful spirit among the trustees and administrators was refreshing. Their respect and kindness toward each other sets the pace and tone for the whole organization. 

An assessment of their Organizational Health was above the baseline norm, which bodes well for their goals to expand the campus and progressively grow enrollment. 

The Piedmont School has all the right pieces to succeed on the journey to Sustainable Excellence.

Below is a brief testimonial from Tim about the retreat.


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