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Group Relationships

Relationships are Your School's Most Valuable Asset

Trusted, engaged relationships are the key to sustaining and growing a school. Without them you fail. On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, in Asheville, NC, I will host a one-day workshop in partnership with MISBO to explore both the art and the science (heck, we'll make it a full STEAM experience) of relationships within the complex realities of a school.

Group RelationshipsYour school has many important assets: property, facilities, technology, curriculum, brand/reputation, cash, etc. But the most valuable asset--Relationships--isn't on your balance sheet. That can be frustrating for the CFO, Business Manager, or Board Member because of the challenges in measuring and growing these critical connections. 


The quality and quantity of relationships with your stakeholders is the ultimate measure of your success as a leader.

Success is driven far more by your collective Relationship IQ than by your school management prowess. This leadership acumen enables school leaders to build strong relationships and make better decisions in the midst of the tensions inherent within the educational organization and in everyday life.

The wide range of your stakeholders and their respective expectations is what makes school leadership so complex. Your job entails sustaining an engaged ecosystem of:

  • Faculty
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Board
  • Donors
  • Prospective Families
  • Key Partners (Associations, Vendors, etc.)
  • Community Influencers

Advancing your Relational IQ will give you better answers to leadership questions such as:

What are the best methods for building trusted, engaged relationships?

How do I manage difficult people and resolve conflict?

How can our community heal from past issues that degraded trust?

What habits improve the quality of our culture?

How do we breakdown the silo's to more effectively collaborate and innovate?


In the one-day workshop on October 2, 2019, I will guide you through a deeper understanding of strategies for building trust and engagement, including how to progressively strengthen relationships with the full range of key stakeholders. I guarantee you will leave that day with a new set of tools to grow your influence and your school. 

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Relationships: Your School’s Most Valuable Asset


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