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School Ambassador Test

SG School Ambassador TestTesting is a big deal these days. Testing for a contagious disease. Testing for student progress. How about a school ambassador test?

Your school needs board members, employees, families, and donors to test positive for willingly and energetically sharing your story with others. 

Building a strong, loyal base among your core stakeholders is vital to sustaining your school’s enrollment and reputation. The best way to advance your growth plan is through people who will joyfully market your program for free!

An Ambassador should be an enthusiastic fan who is thoroughly committed to the mission, goals, and leadership of the school. They are fanatically loyal and will tell everyone they know about you.

When questions or concerns are raised, they will vigorously defend you. This person is also willing to accept and forgive when things don’t go so well.


The questions below aren't an exhaustive School Ambassador Test, but it's a good place to start. You could use these questions at an upcoming meeting for self-evaluation and conversation. 

1. Do you always have a school brochure accessible in your car, briefcase, etc., to share with someone?

2. Do people have to ask you to stop talking about what you love about the school?

3. When someone raises concerns or questions about the school, do you help them focus on potential solutions and take them to the right person to get started?

4. Do you frequently invite and bring people to school events?

5. Is it obvious from your attire and automobile that you love the school?

6. Are you a problem-solver who forgives when things don't go well and collaborates on finding a better way? 

7. Do you seek to minimize gossip and dissension?

8. Do you connect local leaders and influencers to the school?

9. Do you accurately tell the story of the school and it's life-changing impact? 

Some people are naturally loyal advocates, but others need some prompting and guidance. All board members and school employees should pass the ambassador test, along with the majority of your families.

Your School Growth Plan can include a regular assessment of engagement among your stakeholders and adjustments that can be made to your people, processes, and promises to increase their commitment. Ambassadors are more likely to be found among organizationally healthy schools that have developed the disciplines of leadership capacity and continuous improvement.

Developing a strong Parent Ambassador program is important for your growth plan. CLICK HERE for information on the upcoming Parent Ambassador Training Workshop.

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