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School Growth Bibliography for Courageous Educators

SG Bibliography BannerWe share your passion for learning as a leader of educators. Through our research and professional development, we've developed a bibliography that is required reading for all members of our team. 

These books offer insight into the best practices from education, business, entrepreneurship, human resources, sociology, and communication to create an integrated approach to designing and growing schools.

Here is the latest School Growth Bibliography.

How to Win Friends and Influence People
Dale Carnegie

Building Engaged Schools
Gary Gordon

Blue Ocean Shift
by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Lean Startup
Eric Ries

Made to Stick, Switch, The Power of Moments
Chip and Dan Heath

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers
Ben Horowitz

Team of Teams
General Stanley McChrystal

The Fifth Discipline
Peter Senge

Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
Daniel Goleman, Richard E. Boyatzis, and Annie McKee

Schools That Learn (Updated & Revised): A Fifth Discipline Fieldbook for Educators, Parents, and Everyone Who Cares About Education
Peter M. Senge

Brad Smart

The Advantage
Patrick Lencioni

Good to Great and Great by Choice
Jim Collins

The Business of Expertise
David Baker

The Progress Principle
Steven Kramer and Teresa Amabile

Nancy Duarte & Patti Sanchez

Raving Fans
Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles

Radical Candor
Kim Scott

Building a Story Brand
Donald Miller

Breakthrough Strategy
Robert Schaffer

Traction and Rocket Fuel
Gino Wickman

The Culture Code
Daniel Coyle

Pluralism and American Public Education: No One Way to School
Dr. Ashley Berner

Getting to Yes
Fisher, Ury, and Patton


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