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The Power of Progress

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What's next in your Growth Plan?

That's the question your board and stakeholders are asking even as the struggle against the pandemic and other challenges continues to consume your time and resources. They need to know that you're taking them somewhere they want to go. 

Disciplined, incremental progress toward meaningful goals is the best way to achieve innovation and sustainable excellence at your school. In other words, convert your strategic plan into short-term actionable initiatives that energize your people and build credibility in your leadership.

This isn't just about growing your school--it's how you love your people and provide the best conditions for their fulfillment. 

Focus on incremental progress that increases interest in and enjoyment of the work itself. 

Avoid sarcasm and negative remarks that de-energizing and undermine trust. Use affirming words instead to build up and encourage your people. 

Use daily and weekly accountability to ensure your leadership is on track and focused on what matters most. 


John is a head of school in a community that has struggled to overcome economic setbacks and political strife. It's hard to elevate the attitude of people that have become calloused to new ideas and hope. 

He began with a leadership retreat in the spring to reset their focus and define quarterly tactical goals. They organized their board and leadership around these initiatives, and they created a bi-weekly meeting to track progress, make adjustments, and affirm the process. 

One of their goals for that first quarter was to reconsider their brand narrative. How could they tell their story more effectively to engage with the families in their target market? Using data from their enrollment system, surveys, and demographic trends, they crafted a story that personally resonated with them and was actually fun to tell. 

It wasn't the same old generic school marketing spiel. This was so specific to their context and mission that another school couldn't just cut-and-paste it. With clear differentiation and energy around their new narrative, they began engaging their teachers, staff, and other key constituents. 

Their other goals focused on improving communication and mobilizing their employees, parents, students, and board members as ambassadors for the school.

What John and his team discovered over the next few months was the power of DONE. They were able to make clear progress toward their goals. They could tell their story with enthusiasm and joy. They were increasing the quality of their people, building more productive relationships, and cultivating an attitude of confident expectation.

That's how you achieve sustainable growth and start moving from good to great.

What's next in your growth plan? It matters. For your success as a leader and the people who are counting on you to provide vision and action.

Let's Talk about creating a growth plan for you and your school. 


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