Opening School in 2020 and Staying Open

Scott Barron
Posted by Scott Barron on Jul 30, 2020 12:26:41 PM
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SG Opening Schools 2020We’re looking for every option available to open schools and keep them open for everyone’s benefit, and we recently learned about a new COVID/infectious disease management solution for schools offered through Educator-Resources that is actually very interesting. 

Following up on this lead, I asked them to send me more information, and they shared this explanation video along with some background on the program. They have a growing number of schools enrolling because of the realization of how challenging infectious disease management is for the administration on a daily basis. 

This could be a very effective and efficient way to manage the day-to-day tracking of employees and students that doesn’t require excessive manpower.

So, I scheduled an online interview with John Drye, Chief Risk Strategist and Legal Counsel for Educator-Resources, to get more on their story. Check it out below:


More information is available at


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